14 Creative Ideas for Thank You Gifts for Speakers

(Marino Fresch) #1

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If you’re struggling to think of the perfect gift, below are 14 creative ideas for thank you gifts for speakers to inspire you.

Gifts for speakers
(Marino Fresch) #2

Do you typically get gifts for speakers at your events? If so, what sort of thing do you think is most appreciated? Bottle of wine, chocolates, flowers, something unusual?

(Mark Walker) #3

Having been the occasional recipient of gifts for speaking, I can say that I’ve always appreciated a bottle of wine (or bubbly)…

(Louise Triance) #4

For my last event I had 20 speakers and they were a very diverse bunch. Some were flying back home that night so I didn’t think bubbly was the best option. Instead I gave each of them a poem I’d written to say thank you and to explain I was donating, on their behalf, to a children’s charity. I had positive feedback but goodness knows what they really thought!

(Nick Lawson) #5

Wow, I actually think a handwritten poem is a really nice touch - takes a lot more thought and effort then just buying something. Out of interest did you write each speaker their own poem, or just one poem for all of them?

(Louise Triance) #6

Thanks Nick
I just did the one - that took me about 4 hours to get right! I did do a brief personal note with each of them too.

(Nick Lawson) #7

Lol 20 x 4 hours would probably have been a bit much.

(Claire Dibben) #8

I have a small budget so event gifts are often in lieu of payment for my speakers! Bottle of bubbly has been done, as have cupcakes delivered to their office the next day…and a Cadbury’s hamper. I like to write a handwritten personalised message just to show that genuine thanks and thought have gone into the gift. Always goes down well! I also get a little something for sponsors too.

(Mark Dalgarno) #9

One of my speakers joked about always asking for blue M&Ms when he spoke at a conference. I didn’t tell him but the week after the event he spoke at I shipped him a 1kg bag of them. He now displays them in his company office along with other ‘awards’ :slight_smile:

(Mark Dalgarno) #10

Agree with @LouiseTriance that alcohol can be problematic, particularly for those flying with only hand-luggage. We’ve used Amazon vouchers or vouchers from a different supplier local to the event in the past - something that can be used remotely from the event. In one example we even bought a case of Fentiman’s Ginger Beer for a speaker who couldn’t get it in his country but loved it when he visited the UK. He’d driven to our event as part of a family holiday so transport back wasn’t an issue for him :slight_smile:

(Natasha Giller) #11

The blue ones are the best! :heart_eyes:

(Louisa Douglas) #12

We rarely have the budget to pay speakers so I do like to send a gift afterwards, ours have always been UK based and we use https://www.microbarbox.com/ it’s a really fun way to send alcohol. Particularly when you do or don’t know their favourite tipple!

(Mirella Esposito) #13

We have a “personal artist” for an annual CME course that provide us a different theme each year. He is a pop-art painter and he makes small paintings for speakers and little themed notebooks for participants. They are really appreciated!

(Lloyd Brina) #14

I always provide gifts if the speakers are speaking for free!

As well as the usual bottles of wine (which are generally well liked if you know it will be suitable for the person concerned) I also like to explore products or services that I can purchase from the speakers themselves - so I bought ten iPad plinths from one speaker to give out as gifts to the others: myplinth.co.uk - I like the poem idea as well but I’d have too buy that in as well!

(Tony Willis) #15

As a speaker anything is a great gift. I speak for payment and also sometimes for free and if its for free any gift is nice it just shows that you care rather than take people for granted.
Amongst others I have received wine, a bottle of whisky and a voucher for a meal out. None of which were that expensive but all showed some consideration as the person had found these out in advance as personal preferences.

(Claire Dibben) #16

I just sent a small token of thanks out to our sponsors following our conference. I used a service called boomf and had pictures of them at the conference pasted onto marshmallows! Bit of an unusual gift but fun to receive and also got shared on social :slight_smile:

(Nick Lawson) #17

This is great, like a more elaborate version of Touchnote

(Melissa Saunders) #18

Great post! My favourite is the handwritten note. I’m a big fan of this in everyday life anyway as it takes more effort and is more personal than a quick text or email. Also my go to website for unusual gifts has a handy ‘thank you’ section: https://www.notonthehighstreet.com/gifts/shop-by-occasion/thank-you

(Chris Powell) #19

Hi all, some great suggestions here- the personal note, micro bar, edible photo’s, the old bottle of something favorite and if budgets allow or your speakers really have gone the extra mile try Happy Box - beautiful boxes you fill with your choice of gifts, Chris

(Melissa Saunders) #20

Loving this site! Thanks for posting! M