14 Creative Ideas for Thank You Gifts for Speakers

(Melissa Saunders) #21

Love that Louise. Very original!

(Isabella Leigh Stoloff) #22

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(Belinda Booker) #23

This is not exactly a gift, but if you have a number of speakers who would benefit from being able to network with one another, they might really appreciate it if you organised a private dinner or drinks for them?

(Roger) #24

I am in India and its pretty customary to give speakers tokens or mementos of appreciation especially in cases where he or she has come as a guest speaker (at no fee/charge). The usual plaque or salver is what we often give, which they proudly display on their stands back home or at office.
Off late I have tied up with a not-for-profit organization that is into afforestation and also aide smaller farmers in growing saplings. So what we do is, instead of giving a plaque or anything that in reality is pretty useless in itself we have started issuing ‘Green Certificates’ via this Not for profit org. They charge us per sapling – so if the speaker is a keynote speaker we ask the organization to plant 10 saplings in his name and they in turn provide us with a QR code. We get certificates designed and embed the QR code in it stating that In appreciation of XYZ 10 sapling have been planted in XYZ forest/farm…the QR code actually leads him to a landing page which has the google map coordinates where the plants are and photographs of the actual saplings as well.
People seem pretty kicked about receiving this.

(Melissa Saunders) #25

Hi Roger, that’s a lovely idea and great to hear how things are done in other parts of the world. I love that you can personalise it and convey the appreciation whilst helping the environment. Great stuff! Melissa

(Belinda Booker) #26

I like that they can actually see the location of the sapling and pictures; it makes it more tangible rather than a generic “we’ve donated to charity on your behalf”.

(Andrew Blackwood) #27

We were struggling to find a gift for a speaker we had at an event but then we found https://bottleinabox.co.uk/. It is good to send alcohol to speakers as they normally enjoy it.

(Melissa Saunders) #28

Also, they may have dry throats after all that speaking so there’s a health benefit as well as a thank you in that!

(Belinda Booker) #29

I saw a speaker on Twitter recently raving about a great personalised gift they’d received:

Best speaker gift ever! @indexconf made me a poster with tweets from some of the people I’ve helped over the years. pic.twitter.com/oURuBSXsR7

— Kelsey Hightower (@kelseyhightower) February 22, 2018

(Melissa Saunders) #30

Love the thought and effort in that!

(Belinda Booker) #31

How about homemade speaker gifts? He says it’s weird but he’s taken it home and tasted it!


And how cute is this one?


(Ben L) #32

Hey All, We find if you gift speakers with advertising and promotional equipment it kills 2 birds with 1 stone. 1) the speaker is thanked for speaking and 2) the speaker gets a gift that adds value to their business. More importantly if a speaker is speaking at an event - the event organizers will be ordering advertising signage and collateral anyway. A few clients we have worked with have done this successfully. Although, I guess like most things it also depends on the speakers preferences. e.g. a poster with their head shot and brand OR banner with their brand and website. What do you all think ? https://ultimatebanners.co Ben

(Belinda Booker) #33

Hi Ben, I can see how that might actually be really valuable to them, at the same time as providing a great backdrop for their keynote - win/win!