2019 Event Trends - Find out what you should expect next year

(Belinda Booker) #1

Event planners are feeling optimistic about 2019. Here’s what they think is going to happen…
Do you agree? Are there any other trends you’ve noticed?

(Allison Pinney Collis) #2

Here another article I’ve read on event trends this week.
2019 Event Trends That Will Change the Path of Events)

An event should always be a journey and data is our most powerful tool to support its delivery but both are areas under utilised - it also requires behaviour and system process change from our clients/internal and external

If you’re interested in sustainability, the WHO have a set of gudielines to support ‘healthy events’ most of which are common sense. Single Use plastic is an easy challenge to overcome — food waste is problematic esp for free events with a high no-show rate.

I’ve just drafted a tender which will call for a reduction in call waste from venues - for me the solutions means moving away from the traditional event catering formats and also looking at how food can be redistrubted for social good - tircky with H&S restrictions and liability etc

(Belinda Booker) #3

Great article. I agree about the value of data. I have been speaking with a company called Zenus recently that has just released a smart camera, which can analyse the number of people who come by a stand, how long they stayed for on average and how they felt about the experience by reading their facial expressions (cool, huh?).

With regards to food redistribution, do you know about Olio? https://olioex.com/catering-surplus-food/
What types of event catering formats do you think could reduce wastage?

(Abena P) #4

I’m really interested in reducing food waste from venues. It has been a battle for us to get venues not to over cater our events. Would you be able to share some insights on the tender that you drafted calling for a reduction in waste?