AMA: How to source great speakers with Erica McGillivray


(Erica) #46

Thanks, Melissa. I had a blast. :slight_smile:

(Hélio Vogas) #47

Hi Lila,

On #2, I’ve been doing a lot of user group associations and other IT conferences and what this sponsor said, makes sense to me:

Especially when we take into consideration that user groups conferences sessions tend to be so content-dense. An engaging keynote can be just what the audience needs to kicks tart/wind down.

I would just make sure the speaker has experience with the type of audience (either you’ve seen reviews from him/her, watch his/her speech before or got someone who did a breakout session at your conference the year before).

(Belinda Booker) #48

That’s a really good point, Helio. It helps set the tone for the day and provide some inspiration.