Are event apps worth the investment?


(Richard Heathcote) #21

Brilliant thanks @Jay

(Melissa Saunders) #22

Looks good - love the wood icons!

(Jason McGuire) #23

Yeah I am replacing the custom ones we did this year with the wooden ones for next year. Its a simple site, its basic but its cheap! You don’t need much knowledge at all so its well worth it for those on tight budgets like we are!

(Jack Geddes) #24

@Belinda_Booker & @MelissaJane

If you are considering an Event Networking App for your next event, we do an event networking app called Grip we also have a web app for attendees that don’t want to download apps. We also are fully integrated with LinkedIn.

Our ‘AI Matchmaking Engine’ helps attendees to network in a fast and effective way - recommending people to meet based on their interests and business needs.

Come and say hi we will be happy to walk you through our solution: slight_smile:

(Belinda Booker) #26

Thanks Jack. I’m familiar with Grip - I’ve not used it myself yet but from what I’ve read, it’s a great tool. Just out of interest, because I’ve been writing about data protection recently, do event attendees have to opt-in to be included in the networking?

(Richard Heathcote) #27

Sounds interested @Jack_Geddes - how does it work? Would people have this fired up at say a networking event, so if they don’t get to speak to all people in the room, they could see who is there at the time?
So does it locate all Grip users within a certain radius via GPS for instance?

Certainly looks intriguing.
Info on pricing? Or is it a free-always service?

(Jamie Roberts) #28

The most recent advances in web apps bridge that gap! Progressive Web Apps are essentially websites with offline content caching, push notification support and the ability to add ‘apps’ to the home screen so they behave the same way as a native app, all without needing to be installed.

It gets a bit technical but there’s a good overview on the Google developer site here

I’d say this is something to ask your web/app developers about if you’re considering an event app as depending on the functionality, an event website and app (which will work on iPhone and Android as it’s just a website) could potentially be rolled into one project.

There’s a vaguely relevant case study here

And the technology is already mature, the Twitter mobile site is already one of these progressive web apps, although they don’t use the add to home screen functionality as they’ve obviously spent considerable time and resource developing native apps.

(Nirav Vasa) #29

As an early stage tech startup in event space working with small and mid sized event/conference organizers, we are trying to understand how much does social networking feature within event matter ? Is it really make or break ? Any inputs would be great.

(Nick Lawson) #30

hi Nirav, could you elaborate a little more on this? Are there any specific social media features you’re thinking of adding to your product?

(Nirav Vasa) #31


  1. We have all the informative feature like conference info / speakers bio / session info / location /real time updates etc but no networking feature as yet. Does this resist users from downloading this app ?
  2. We are building something simple which goes as follows. Does this suffice the networking app ?
    A small tag based bio and chat where-in user can set up their strengths, what is he/she seeking and availability status. All within that particular event context.
    E.g :
    Name :John Doe
    Strengths : Exhibition Management, Co-ordination, Costing
    Seeking : Sponsors
    Status : Available to meet-in person / only through chat / Offline

Thanks again for all the inputs.

(Belinda Booker) #32

That sounds like it would be a useful feature to have. There are a lot of event apps available however, that offer all of these things. What will make your app different? You might need something more unique to stand out.

(Nirav Vasa) #33

Thanks for the inputs. I totally agree and we are working towards building additional capabilites.
Biggest differentiator being price - as low as $149 (about 110 GBP) per event and currently being offered at 30% off.

Thanks again.

(Nick Lawson) #34

How about…

  • audience engagement features such as live polling, Q&A etc?
  • the ability to save speaker presentations (or just save/share snippets from them)?

(Jamie Vaughan) #35

Yes that’s a great observation Nick. It’s very interesting that the term ‘app’ doesn’t really cover it anymore. There are so many options, not just as features but also how the tech is deployed now, native isn’t always best! Due to this there is a plethora of tech business’s that regularly ‘talk’ to other tech creating a better solution for the user. At Glisser for example we are a SaaS tool but usually link into native apps to enhance to experience, including your above points, content share and live polling and voting. Due the ‘fluid’ nature of content at events this would be practically impossible to do as a native app.

(Radhaprem Ramaraj) #36

There is an app called Gamifyi which we have developed for the Events industry with which we have been quite successful with. I am not sure If i can talk about my own app here , .
I am willing to share details with anyone who is interested.
Some of the highlights of our app are
Associate engagement with the conference speakers/ exhibitors
Increase interaction with Organizers and visit stalls at the exhibition
Highlight branding of conference/brands in game
Connect participants via in app chat
Pre define route map based on profile of attendee
and lots more