Best cheap / free promo ideas

(Katie McPhee) #1

I would love to hear people’s experience with effective free / low cost promo ideas - including PR. Connecting with influencers via Twitter used to generate a lot of page views / ticket sales but less so these days.

Any ideas appreciated!

(Natasha Giller) #2

People love something (anything) for free! Personally I find even just offering free information or advice (that they can relate to or that they are interested in) can really help draw people in.

(Nick Lawson) #3

Definitely agree @KtMcPhee that using influencers on twitter has got less effective - i’d like to know if people are still having success here? I think the influencer party is moving to Instagram, but i’m just less clued up about that platform to get properly down to grips with it, and it also seems more suitable for b2c than b2b.

Having said that, a great free promo tactic i’ve used in the past is not just asking influencers to attend/promote, but getting your headline acts/speakers to promote on twitter/fb as well as create content like blog posts. It’s in their interest to have a full house so they often don’t mind being ask. If you think a full blog post is a bit much get them to give a short answer to a questions such as "why are you excited about my-event, then collate all the answers into a blog post and push that out there on social as “x reasons to attend” People would much rather read that kind of content than a tweet that just says “get tickets…” as it communicates the value of the event far better.

(Natasha Giller) #4

I completely agree! Our speakers and other important attendees usually post themselves anyway but we do ask them to help promote - they usually don’t mind (as you said they don’t want a poor turnout!)

(Nick Lawson) #5

Guest blogging is also a great tactic. If you know where your target audience/potential ticket buyer hangs out online (i.e. what online publications are they reading?) ask to write a guest blog for that site and include a subtle mention about your upcoming event(s).

E.g. If you run digital marketing seminars, do a guest post on SEO for an online marketing publication and give a mention to your upcoming SEO seminar in it.