Best practice sharing


(Julie Whalley) #1


I’d like to find the smaller scale event organisers in the UK and NI, who might want to meet at a bespoke events conference we’re thinking of hosting in the North West.

Not huge NEC/Olympia styled conventions, but a small, practical, one day event, more personal conference where we will cover topics such as - new data protection rules, health and safety and the law, dealing with food and drink traders, 21st Century Sales and Marketing tips for events, and more importantly the opportunity to share best practice, supplier and trader information, and scary event nightmare stories with each other.

Anyone interested?



(Melissa Saunders) #2

Hi Julie
thanks for posting. Sounds great. Perhaps some of our @Networking members may be up for this?

(Anthea Thomas ) #3

Hi Julie

This is a great idea, I would love to come along. Do you need any help setting it up?


(Julie Whalley) #4

Morning Anthea

Thanks for the offer, and I might hold you to it! At this moment I am just trying to find more interested organisers. I have a database already and may pursue this more in the New Year. I am generating some ideas for topics though so any ideas are welcomed. One of the Northern Uni’s has expressed interest in hosting, so I would run this together with their Events Management Course leaders.