Best registration method for Conference and Exhibiton


(Jessica Inaya) #1

does anyone have any idea what would be the best registration method for confrences and exhibition?

(simon) #2

Hey Jessica! There are all sorts of great registration platforms. How big is your conference likely to be?

(Alexandra Cameron) #3

I have a question around this too - a client of mine is looking for an onsite registration system that would suit audiences of 750-1000. Any and all leads would be great.

(Jessica Inaya) #4

It would likely to be between 500-2000 maybe? any idea what would be the best way?

(Dan Marson) #5

Hi Jessica,

LiveBuzz are one of the biggest registration companies out there, specialising in Registration, Onsite badge delivery and Staffing. We’d be happy to take a look at your requirements.

(Dewi) #6

Our local theatre was more than happy to provide advanced ticket sales for the largest event that I co-organise. They saw it as an opportunity to gain more traffic to their website and to advertise the venue.

(Lois Kissiedu) #7

You can try Whova. I use it for my events and the conference delegates love it!