Changes in events industry

( Nat Whitney) #1

What are the main changes that have occurred in the events industry over the last 5 years?

(Dewi) #2

The rise in the use of social media and the increased need for crowd safety at events.

(Melissa Saunders) #3

The digital experience. I think most events now people expect their to be an end to end digital experience. Content needs to be developed pre-event to attract attendees and digital versions of at event content such as presentations is expected to be made available one way or another. People anywhere in the world can “visit” events now, participate in discussions, ask questions, check out exhibitors, request demonstrations, etc. With the development/roll out of technologies such as VR and AI, the digital element of events is only going to increase. The days of “all under one roof” are fading fast.

(Richard Millington) #4

Another important one is the (long overdue) drive for better equality among speakers, fight against sexism (booth babes etc…) and better representation of minorities at events.

(Belinda Booker) #5

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(simon) #6

Definitely an increase in small to mid sized events thanks to platforms like Meetup and Facebook Groups going mainstream, and sponsors likewise seeing their value helping to keep them going/growing.

( Nat Whitney) #8

Thank you for your replies, they are all very helpful. I definitely agree that the rise in the use of social media to publicise events and its use at events has had a significant impact.

Building on this question, what do people feel with impact/change in the events industry over the next 2/3 years?

Thank you

(Belinda Booker) #9

I don’t know if 2-3 years will be enough to see wholesale change, but over the next 5 years I think tech like iBeacons, AR and the use of data to deliver a more personalised experience will really come to the fore.