Charge or not to Charge for Launches

(Gordana Stevanovic) #1

Should a product launch should be charged or for free?

If you offer a free event, could you charge for a VIP section to offset some of the clients expenses? and would that be a better option, if the client doesn’t have much of a budget?

(Melissa Saunders) #2

I wouldn’t have thought you could charge but I suppose it depends on your target audience and the exclusivity of the product brand. Better to get it sponsored if you can.

(Gordana Stevanovic) #3

I did find some prospective sponsors, so I’ll try those first.

I’ve never been to a launch myself, are they usually a paid event?

(Belinda Booker) #4

Maybe if you were Apple and you were offering members of the public a chance to attend, but otherwise no. It is an opportunity to introduce the product to the press and retailers you hope will stock it. It is an investment by the product owner and the ROI of the event is measured by the press coverage you receive and the subsequent orders from stockists. Don’t forget that people you most want to attract get invited to a lot of these type of events so you have to make it really attractive to secure their attendance.

(Dewi) #5

One event had a launch where they charged a minimum £1 entry. This fee was a donation to the events chosen charity for that year, which was announced at the event.

(Melissa Saunders) #6

Exhibitions can also provide great platforms for launches. If your client takes a stand at an appropriate show you/they can often tap into the marketing of that show, gain exposure to media already attending and reach a broader audience. If you ever go that route, definitely get in touch with the exhibition marketing team well ahead of the event. They are often desperate to hear of content like that they can promote and get in early - months rather days before the event. All too often exhibitors keep it to themselves and miss out on various promotional opportunities many of which will be free of charge.

(Gordana Stevanovic) #7

That’s a great idea Melissa, when I meet with her I can ask where she wants to take her business, see how best I can help her. But an expo would offer a great opportunity.