Did you plan to work in events or fall into it?


(Jos) #42

Fell into it backwards!
I am a Composer and musician by trade, knew that music doesn’t make you money … So I work on projects that I enjoy and love, do get paid though! But I was getting frustrated with the quality of lighting and sound for events, it’s so poor, so I just worked hard to really understand the industry and develop technical understanding to improve the events industry…

What has been the ‘turning point’ of no going back for you guys??


(Belinda Booker) #43

I think your pathway is not so unusual actually, Jos. I spoke to a former dancer who decided he could do it better himself and started his own production company too:

(Jos) #44

There are a few people who do, I wasn’t expecting to fall in it myself. I think my thoughts where at the time “why does this area keep bringing up problems at events” it was really out of curiosity!

Maybe all together we can think of something we can give to the public domain of event holders for free? Like a booklet about all of our areas, it would be nice to collaborate.

Best wishes