Do you care about diversity/true representation on stage?

(Louise Triance) #1

It’s the bee in my conference organiser bonnet right now.

Anyone else sick of seeing panels of middle aged white men? Or is your industry more with the times than the recruitment space?

I’d love to talk with anyone who really cares about this stuff and has some ideas of ways to tackle it (educating event organisers, helping “diverse” speakers increase their profiles, etc?)


(Belinda Booker) #2

You should speak to @Erica who is passionate about booking diverse speakers. She gave loads of great tips on finding the right speakers during her AMA:

(Erica) #3

Happy to chat more about specific questions you may have around this. I’ve done a ton of work around diversity and inclusion on stage and off-stage too. As Belinda mentioned, there’s a lot of information in my AMA.