Event App for a Conference

(Joely Charlton) #1


We’re running a Conference in October and would like to build an event app for attendees (agenda display, speaker information, floor plans, delegate messaging etc). We don’t have the resource to build the app ourselves so are looking at various vendors who can offer “pre-made” options. I was wondering if anyone had experience using:


Attendify seem to be offering the same service as Guidebook but significantly cheaper. Is there a catch?

Do you have any other suggestions on potential vendors?

(Adam Parry) #2

There are so many good ones out there


We compiled a guide on some of the best suppliers and tech you can use for your events here http://www.eventtechbuyersguide.com/

(Ashling Barry) #3

We used Guidebook for our exhibition in September last year and it was a good app, easy to use but the only problem we had was trying to actually get the delegates to download the app. If you can get them to download an app then it will definitely work well. Howdy is another app that looks good especially for networking between delegates!

(Kirsty Brown) #4

I used Attendify for a confex I’ve just run and can highly recommend it.

Flexible set-up options, easy to populate with information and very good feedback from users. I also found their customer service to be excellent.

However, as ashbarry says, the success of any app hinges on getting people to actually use it!

(Joely Charlton) #5

Thanks for the insights everyone :smile:. Very helpful!


(Piarve Wetshi) #6

We My old company used Crowdcompass which was pretty good. They are pricey, but are also going under lots of development.

(Sinead Daly) #7

I also looked between attendify and guidebook. We chose Attendify and it’s been brilliant. So much cheaper, and v. quick and easy. We run several events a year, with over 800 delegates, often with several streams. The main difference is that for attendify you pay a licence fee for the container app per year and then each event. For guidebook you pay a fee per each event, even if this is for the container app version.

Attendify are US based, guidebook UK. We have found it is generally a lot to find white label app solutions outside of UK.

(Lyon Lim) #8

I just attended an event that used CrowdCompass and it worked really well. Another option is QuickMobile.

(Greg Lusk) #9

might be a bit late - but have you heard of eventeye.co ?