Event feature on TV?


(Janine Yates) #1

Hi all
My event has been approached to feature in a new TV show and I wondered if anyone has had their event feature on TV and can offer any tips on how to ensure that we get maximum exposure and any other useful tidbits?
Thanking you in advance
Janine x

(Melissa Saunders) #2

Great news! Will the programme be about your event or will your event provide the environment/background for a programme about something else?

(Janine Yates) #3

Hi Melissa
Yes, it will be about a person experiencing the unique and alternative night out we offer.

(Bola) #4

I haven’t had my event on TV before but had TV review filmed my business foe Australia TV,

(Melissa Saunders) #5

I worked on an event based on a film franchise and we had actors in the GMTV studio with children from a local school at the event asking them questions via a live link up. It went down really well despite the venue security not allowing the film crew initially because they mistook them for fans?!! We ended up getting a slot every half an hour throughout that programme which was brilliant publicity for us and helped us generate the longest queues to get in in the venue’s history at the time. Worth waking our operations director up at 5am for!

Generally I would say ensure your A team are on duty, plan for various scenarios with the whole team so everyone knows what to do, make your event/venue look the best it can be - think about lighting, decoration, visitor flow, sound etc. and create a strong entrance for a really good first impression. On the day look after the production team as best you can. Best of luck. Let us know when we can see you on TV!

(Belinda Booker) #6

In terms of maximising your exposure, I’d say collaborating with the show’s own PR person is key. They will no doubt be putting out a press release before the show is aired. Make sure you’re included and that they put your contact details on there so journalists can contact you for interviews. Send the news to all your contacts, the local press, organise a photocall, try to get on the radio etc. - this is your five minutes so make the most of them!!

(Janine Yates) #7

Thnks Melissa, appreciate the advice and hearing your experience, sounds like it was a great success. I certainly will!

(Janine Yates) #8

Belinda this is great, thank you!