Event Meetup - anyone keen?

(Claire Boyles) #10

I’d happily be part of create events for event organisers. I have a half written book about event marketing, so have some good knowledge to share which would be helpful.

(Abena P) #11

I’m intrigued by this - how many event organisers will it take to organise an event meetup??? :grin: (Also, I’m in)

(Amy Corcoran) #12

More the merrier :wink:

Great that quite a few of you are interested. I will have a look at our diary & see what dates we can host the first one.

(Laura Oakley) #13

A meet up would be great idea! (in London for me)

(Laura Oakley) #14

Regional threads sound like a great idea. I am based in London but often organise events throughout England, Scotland and Wales so being able to tap into some local knowledge would be really helpful.

(Richard Heathcote) #15

Yeah as and when this site becomes more regionalised it’ll help the ability to organise more local events which would be great. Then at some point in the future it could become some sort of national convention, who knows!

(Melissa Saunders) #16

Or international!

(Jade Farhangi) #17


We are a venue in South West London - depending on numbers we could potentially host? @amycoco

(Melissa Saunders) #18

Where are we with this? Would be good to get this in the diary. I’m Kent based but anywhere centralish in London would be great.

(Karen Daniel) #19

If I am not too late, I’m in, representing London. Can potentially get venues in Central London, but we would have to pay for our own food and drinks of course. What is the status? Too many event planners to chose from! How about proposing a date to meet to begin with via a webinar as we are all in several different locations.Great idea and would love to be involved.

(Amy Corcoran) #20

Hi All,

How about we go smallish to start with and we can grow if the need arises - to keep stress levels low - I am sure everyone else is equally as busy. We can discuss growing the meetup when we meet at the first event perhaps?

I can book a space for us at my work - Strongroom Bar - close to Liverpool Street & Old Street, and we can go from there.

How does the 14th November sound for people? I will create an event on EB if it’s not a no-go for everyone!


(Melissa Saunders) #21

sounds great and thanks for picking up. Unfortunately I can’t do any time that week but go with the majority!

(Karen Daniel) #22

Good idea to get something in the diary Amy. I can do any time on 14th November at present, if that is the agreed date. Happy to assist with any logistics or registration. As a freelance event planner however, this may change nearer the date, unless confirmed and in the diary! Let’s go for it and put up on EB, it will at least give other event planners the opportunity to register their interest in the interim for us to determine numbers. It would be so beneficial to meet up with other event planners, I have a few issues to share, preferably in person. Let’s do it.

(Amy Corcoran) #23

Hi All,

I have created an eventbrite registration page - I’ll start it really low key - if people want to join me for a drink from 6pm & a chat, and if it works for people we can look to make it something more formal! I’ve booked a booth at my work, so even if nobody else can make it, nothing is lost :slight_smile:

Here’s the link - share amongst anyone you like!


(Amy Corcoran) #24

(Amy Corcoran) #25

Link below :slight_smile:

(Melissa Saunders) #27

Sorry I can’t make it and hope it goes well!

(Nick Lawson) #28

@amycoco thanks so much for organising this - awesome work! Looking forward to seeing everyone there :slight_smile:

(Bola) #29

Where is the location and when please

(Amy Corcoran) #30

All info here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/eventtribe-london-event-community-meetup-tickets-38074202966