Event Meetup - anyone keen?

(Amy Corcoran) #1

Hey all,

I was thinking that it would be beneficial (to me anyway) to expand this network into something face to face, and wondered who’d be keen?

We could meet at various locations (maybe those who work at venues can host), and we can meet, share what we do, have a drink, and develop an offline network. If there’s enough interest then perhaps we could even look to get someone to speak on a particular topic of mutual interest each time to get the ball rolling, and to inspire us all!

I’m happy to take the lead on the London one but how about if people comment below and say whether you’d be keen, an idea of regularity (I was thinking quarterly) and where you’re based, and if you’d be keen to lead a meetup group outside London? Any other suggestions are of course welcome!

Introduce yourself to the EventTribe community!
Introduce yourself to the EventTribe community!
(Adam) #2

Hi Amy
That’s a fantastic idea, there are already a couple of groups out there but they charge £25-£30 to attend get togethers and that bugs me. Happy to help out on co-ordinating something on the south coast (I’m based in Brighton) or help out in London.

(Melissa Saunders) #3

Great idea. Count me in! (and thanks for taking the lead!) M

(Victoria Jones) #4

Definitely be interested in this in Manchester!

(Phil Vintin) #5

I was going to start a new thread to suggest that this whole forum might benefit from some sort of regionalised element. I answered a question about Sheffield earlier because I know the place and what’s going here but if it had been Manchester I wouldn’t have had a clue. As well as local knowledge there is definitely an element of knowing the local market. Sheffield seems, to me, to be a rather difficult market to read. I’ve packed out a few events and got two people, with a similar marketing idea, two weeks later.

What do admins think of regionalising the platform in some way or other? Sorry if I have missed this somewhere on the site. I’m only on day two of actually looking at it.

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(Julianne Johnson) #6

Great idea, I’d certainly be keen for this! As I’m based in Newcastle, I’m happy to assist by co-ordinating a Northern event perhaps? We have so few networking opportunities up here.


(Kai-Nneka Townsend) #7

Hi Amy

I think it’s a great idea and would love to be a part of any meet up being planned.

(Nick Lawson) pinned #8

(Karma Oviquio) #9

Absolutely! I’d love the opportunity. I look forward to seeing you all soon! Well, technically, you’d have to live stream it for me. But, I’d love to meet you all virtually.

(Claire Boyles) #10

I’d happily be part of create events for event organisers. I have a half written book about event marketing, so have some good knowledge to share which would be helpful.

(Abena P) #11

I’m intrigued by this - how many event organisers will it take to organise an event meetup??? :grin: (Also, I’m in)

(Amy Corcoran) #12

More the merrier :wink:

Great that quite a few of you are interested. I will have a look at our diary & see what dates we can host the first one.

(Laura Oakley) #13

A meet up would be great idea! (in London for me)

(Laura Oakley) #14

Regional threads sound like a great idea. I am based in London but often organise events throughout England, Scotland and Wales so being able to tap into some local knowledge would be really helpful.

(Richard Heathcote) #15

Yeah as and when this site becomes more regionalised it’ll help the ability to organise more local events which would be great. Then at some point in the future it could become some sort of national convention, who knows!

(Melissa Saunders) #16

Or international!

(Jade Farhangi) #17


We are a venue in South West London - depending on numbers we could potentially host? @amycoco

(Melissa Saunders) #18

Where are we with this? Would be good to get this in the diary. I’m Kent based but anywhere centralish in London would be great.

(Karen Daniel) #19

If I am not too late, I’m in, representing London. Can potentially get venues in Central London, but we would have to pay for our own food and drinks of course. What is the status? Too many event planners to chose from! How about proposing a date to meet to begin with via a webinar as we are all in several different locations.Great idea and would love to be involved.

(Amy Corcoran) #20

Hi All,

How about we go smallish to start with and we can grow if the need arises - to keep stress levels low - I am sure everyone else is equally as busy. We can discuss growing the meetup when we meet at the first event perhaps?

I can book a space for us at my work - Strongroom Bar - close to Liverpool Street & Old Street, and we can go from there.

How does the 14th November sound for people? I will create an event on EB if it’s not a no-go for everyone!