Event Website Builder

(Gaurav Garg) #1

Hi everyone…

Would be anxious to know which ‘Website Builder’ Tools fare the best for Meetings, Events & Expositions… I’m looking at:

Something that I can update all by myself - without a need of tech support - like Facebook Page.
Something that will allow me to design my own Forms for Data Capture - with downloadable excel.
Something that is can allow user registration, and user-session based content/pages control.
Something that allows me to embed multiple ticketing platforms / or my own Payment Gateway.
Something that has great inbuilt SEO capabilities to get our Event Website on Google quickest.

I looked at Splashthat, and Showthemes but they both are too templated, and doesnt allow me to change much in the look-and-feel… and I dont want to go to Wordpress or Wiz, as those are not made for events, neither too easy to handle.

Opinions and References are most Welcome…

(Umbo) #2

Hi Gaurav Garg,
i attended to a big event in my country and the IT provider was Expoplatform. I know they work globally in lots of big events. They are specialized in flexible and customizable solutions, with lots of modules that should allow your requirements, from both a end-user perspective and an administrative one. Try to check it out!