Finding caterers to sell food at an event

(Laura Di Cicco) #1

Hello everyone,

I wonder if anyone has got any ideas or contacts about how to hire a catering company to work at your event when you’ve got low budget. I thought about hiring the spaces, let the company come with some direction about what we would like to serve on the day and give them carte blanche about the management including the income they will get for the day. I personally think it would be a good chance for anyone to catch it. As I’m working on a nonprofit event I’m not interested in get any income from that but I would like to have a great catering service.
Do you know any company who would like to do that? I thought also to charge them a symbolic amount because it would just cover some other expenses we might need in exchange of a great opportunity for them to make some profit.

What do you think? I’d appreciate very much some tips from the experienced organisers here. :slight_smile:


(Nick Lawson) #2

Hi Laura, interesting one. To clarify, you want to hire out spaces at your event to catering companies who can come and set up a stand and sell their food to your attendees?

(Laura Di Cicco) #3

Hi @nick_lawson,
Yes, you got the idea. It would just save you from spending part of your budget for this service. Also forget about hiring equipment and staff cause the company can think about it themselves. So without spending a fortune you can give a quality service to your attendees that otherwise would not be possible.
Do you know any catering company that would do it?

(Cyprinne Abanda) #4

Hi Laura,

Where is the event scheduled to be held, may be I could help if its around London.



(Laura Di Cicco) #5

Dear Cyprinne,

Thank you for your interest, it would be an outdoor event in Greenwich. Ideally the menu I’m looking for is a BBQ.
Looking forward to hearing from you.


(Cyprinne Abanda) #6

Hi Laura,

Greenwich is quite local. What is the date of your event, and do you need any particular type off cuisine or are you are going Global? What I do for my events, is charge a small amount for trading, at least with that you are sure the caterers are not going to join the ‘No Show’ team. What sort of numbers are you expecting?
If I will be available on the day, I don’t mind jumping in, if not, I can recommend other events catering companies who will be happy to provide the services you require. BBQs are always a success.


(Sabeha Mohamed) #7

hi @lauradicicco - check out there’s loads of private chefs that are looking to get their name out there and may be willing to get involved with your event. If you’d like to reach them directly you can usually find them on instagram or twitter.

(Gwen Rhys) #8

Great idea, I’ve already put this website in my favourites.

(Laura Di Cicco) #9

Dear Cyprinne,

Date of the event would be Saturday 19th August 2019. My team and I are expecting 2000 people for the day. What we would like is just a mix of meat and fish on the BBQ and a choice for vegetarian guests as well. Something about Australian taste would be a bonus.
The event is a pre sell tickets launch. I ideally look for a caterer who can think about everything themselves, from the staff to the equipment they will need on the day. The service should include drinks as well. I just would charge for trading as they would be the unique selling point for food and beverage on our event.
What do you think?

(Cyprinne Abanda) #10

Hi Laura,

Saturday 19th August is great as am free throughout that week to the weekend. I can pick the job for you; if that is ok with Nick Lawson. If thats ok, maybe we could arrange a meet up where I could bring in my trading legal documents so that you can have a peace of mind on the catering side.
How about that?

(Nick Lawson) #11

:+1: :+1:

(Laura Di Cicco) #12

Dear @Amani,

That would be wonderful. Could I just have more information about your past events or if you can link me your website as I can’t find it myself.
That would be lovely, thank you.

(Violeta Mananes) #13

This sounds interesting to me as a macrobiotic chef. At the moment I’m not supplying food to an event but cooking on site, giving demonstrations, etc. Is that how your event is planned?
I would like to learn more about the other side (the ones that provide the space) and perhaps make a business link here too!

(Violeta Mananes) #14

Actually my part would be the choices for vegetarian and vegan guests, the rest of the theme is not really what I’ve specialised into!

(Cyprinne Abanda) #15

Hi Laura,

The company is Cyromas Events, am sure EventsBrite have us on their system, we are in the process is changing names, however, we have done events, just to name a few: The Royal Agricultural Show Coventry, London 2012 Olympics, The Nottinghill Carnival, a lot of work with the London Borough of Newham, catering at the Newham Town Shows & Under the Stars. Other than the field Catering we also host international artists and do a lot of fine dining too. Will send you more information.
We have a sound record of food safety, and pride ourselves on what we do. All food is prepped on site, under tight quality control system.

(Cyprinne Abanda) #16

Hi Violeta,

Nice to find someone here we share the same passion with. I love working with food!