Free Venues in London

(Louise Triance) #41

With RBS I deal with the team who specifically target recruitment agencies as clients. Depending on who your audience is you’d want to contact that division. There is an overall events management dept but they aren’t allowed to talk to the “public”. Who is your audience?

(Naomi Olaoye) #42

Good Morning Louise

Thank you for coming back to me.

My audience are school leavers more specifically graduates. We run events to help bring industry professionals with graduates aspiring to be in their field. For example we hosted an event for Females in Law where we had 3 Guest Speakers discussing different areas of law that they specialised in, giving the audience an opportunity to ask questions about routes, different exams required, how to become accredited and so forth. Each event is centred around different industries.

We also bring in financial advisors to discuss tips and ways on how to manage finances when you start working and setting finiancial goals.

We have had great feedback from all our attendees from past events but have had a delay in hosting events due to finding a suitable venue.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Thanks again

Naomi Olaoye

(Honey Tv) #43

Hi all! I am new here and was wondering if anyone could help me. I have been in the TV industry for years, I have modelled, i have danced, I have done hosting and presenting and more. Me and my business partner are going to start a beauty peagent in london, we want a venue where we would potentially have a T shaped stage for a catwalk or a big hall to turn into a catwalk, we prefer it to be fre, however we can see what low prices are on offer. Any suggestions are appreciated! Thank u!

(Belinda Booker) #44

I would suggest trying to partner with a relevant venue, such as a stage school or perhaps a nightclub where you could have the pageant earlier in the evening and then punters come in later? You can probably strike a deal if drinks are to be purchased.

(Shruti Gupta) #45

I have started a women in business networking group so I am looking for some free venues just to get the group started and host some free networking events - any leads on where I can find free venues in London? Probably not a pub or one with a minimum spend - maybe somewhere that I would be happy to share the network delegates with or whp would want to present their services to the group?

(Charlie Wakley) #46

Hi there, I have a space which we would be happy to rent out for free for any community events, non profit or charities. Chapel with 100 seated, conference room and seminar room available. or 02072462700

(Steve Nson) #47

I am currently hosting an event during London Tech Week and I am looking for a venue like RBS or Barclays to host. I have a great guest list and it would be great marketing as well for the venue host. Can you please point me to the person to talk to at these companies? Thanks

(Richard Goodwin) #48

I Mike Ireland at an event yesterday. He wants to start a networking group near Heathrow. Does anyone know of free (or low cost) venues in that area please?

(Richard Millington) #49

We’ve hosted a few meetups in bars - not technically free as we will have to ensure we meet the bar tab, but was about as close as we’ve come.

I think we only ended out of pocket once.

(Clara Sogunro_Koko) #50

Hi all, I have had a look at the suggested venue but they are either not suitable or not really free.

we are looking for a free access small and large venues for charity open day, regular meeting or occasional workshops and large events for July and this summer. Venue really need to be cost free and in South London and North Kent for different activities. Thank you.

(Belinda Booker) #51

@MHN what type of charity do you represent? Altitude London has a grant scheme to provide free venue space for charities representing certain causes:

(Belinda Booker) #52

Here’s a central London venue that is free to use for Christian charities

(Jasmine Luk) #53

Hi all, I’m looking to host a case competition and need a venue/ office space. would there be any updates to the list Nick has posted? I have tried them all but some are full and others require rental now. The event I am hosting is free and hence am looking for a venue willing to host for free. Thanks!

(Belinda Booker) #54

Hi Jasmine, is there a community or charitable element to your event? Tell us a bit more about it.

(Belinda Booker) #55

The Chapel Bar claims to have “a number of free venue hire offers”. Might be worth a look?

Also Anam Bar says its spaces can be used for free, with no minimum spend - only a deposit is required:

(annabel.bradford) #56

Microsoft Reactor London is an awesome space for preentations & networking free:

(Zofia Murgrabia) #57

Campus London @ Old Street - it’s a free event space but it’s for entrepreneur events only

(Fridah Sanga) #58

Hi Louise,

I work in a recruitment industry and would like to contact RBS for venue hire. I cant seem to find a point of contact. Are you able to direct me?

Many thanks.

(Charlie Wakley) #59

Hey all,

Had some lovely people get in touch and hold successful events through us from this feed so thank you.

Again we have conference rooms, seminar spaces and an events hall for use by charities, non profits and community groups for free in central London at the following venue:

Church of Scientology London, 146 Queen Victoria Street, London, EC4V 4BY.

Get in touch if you need anything!

Charlie Wakley

(Genevieve Flight) #60

Hi Charlie, will be contacting you as need a place to host Spiritual Teaching/Health Consciousness/ Natural Healing event.
Thanks a lot
Mobile/WhatsApp 07999960172