Freelance Event Manager in Beirut

(Divna ETIENNE) #1

I am looking for a free lance in event management for my future events in Beirut.

(Melissa Saunders) #2

Hi @divna, thanks for posting. I would post with a bit more detail in the “Suppliers Wanted” section on here too. What kind of events are you involved in? Is this ongoing on for a specific time period? When are you wanting them to start?

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(Nick Lawson) #4

Hey Divna, possibly @Naj may have some recommendations?

(Melissa Saunders) #5

no worries and best of luck!

(Najwa Baroody) #6

Good evening Devna sorry for the late reply,
we are an event organisers and management Association , could you tell me more about the event you intend to have here in Beirut, in order for me to be able to give you more specific information on who would be a could canditate for your event management.

(Divna ETIENNE) #7

Hi Najwa,
Thanks for your e mail. Fort he time being I need a person that will be present at the next event I have in Beirut in January at Radisson Blu. It is a small meeting for half day with 15 people and I need a person that can make sure that the set up of the meeting room is done, the video projection and sound system if needed are working properly and do a registration list.

(Najwa Baroody) #8

Hi Divna,
Can you tell me the exact date so i check with a few connections of mine and will send you their contact once i know if they are available, and who is supplying the sound and projection is it the hotel?

(Divna ETIENNE) #9

Hi Najwa,

I have one on the 15th February but I made a mistake it is for 50 people and all the services will be supplied by the hotel.


(Najwa Baroody) #10

And it is for half a day ?

(Divna ETIENNE) #11

Yes exactly.