Getting Men to come to Events!

(Jenni Shaw) #1

Hi run a series of events including supper clubs and mini experiences such as Kayaking and beer, paddleboarding and a picnic, yoga and brunch etc . I am struggling to attract men to my events - does anyone have any wisdom on this that they can share?! THANKS . Jenni

(Melissa Saunders) #2

Hmm… tricky! Maybe try encouraging them to attend with a mate so it’s less daunting e.g. with a bring a friend for free offer. Obviously you’ll have to work that in to your ticket model. Or appeal to their sense of competition by throwing down a challenge such as “the winning time for this activity last time was…can you beat it?” Also ensure all your comms push the “everyone welcome” message. Maybe incentivise your existing customers to bring a man along. Is there another organisation in the area which runs activities which might be seen as more male orientated? Perhaps you could look at a reciprocal arrangement to help each other out and double the fun?.Good luck! Let us know how you get on! Melissa

(Jenni Shaw) #3

Thanks so much Melissa, all fab suggestions, I am going to give them all a go! Jenni

(Nick Lawson) #4

lol I could definitely see that working :slight_smile:

(Marino Fresch) #5

Worth also ensuring your marketing materials, webpage, event collateral etc show a representative male / female mix. So that potential attendees see marketing that shows a good number of men as we women

(Melissa Saunders) #6

You’re very welcome. You could also base a social around a major sporting event.

(Sabeha Mohamed) #7

you may want to trial offering 3 types of tickets - male only, female only, and female + male combined tickets. Thus if the female only tickets sell out and more females want to register they can by bringing a male guest.

You could also bundle in female/male related gifts in the ticket price (e.g. t-shirts, prizes, games) so it gives context as to why you’re specifying gender.

(Belinda Booker) #8

How about doing something geared towards couples, singles or LBGT to introduce your events to different audiences?

(Alex Velinov) #9

Hi Jenni,

If you focus your marketing on Interests or Affinity and if this is mostly man interest/affinity categories you will get men. Also, you can use gender targeting both Adwords and Facebook, so you can expose your ads only to this audience. On top of that if you have buyer persona profiles you can use this in your marketing materials (print. banners etc) so your target audience will easily “find” themselves in the marketing materials or you can use reverse engineering approach so you can show not them but the one that they are mostly to like.

Hope this may help

(Najiyyah) #10

My event was geared towards singles and couples. But majority attendees were women.

(Amy Water) #11

what about approaching all of your previous attendees and asking them if they could invite there friends via a link on your event portal. For each friend they invite converted into event attendees they will get something: like

  1. a free ticket
  2. a tshirt
  3. for two signups a ticket

(Belinda Booker) #12

That’s a great idea. You could offer a free ticket for male buddies or “get your ticket half price if you bring along a male friend”!

I know that it’s common for organisers of singles events to split the tickets available into male and female tickets. Once the female tickets have sold out, those people can go on a waiting list. You could also put the exact date of the event as TBC, allowing you to gather interest first and wait until you have enough participants of both sexes.