Hiring Event Project Managers - Ideas for Tests for Candidates?

(Kathleen Rose) #1

Are there any “tests” you give to candidates when trying to hire for your teams? We have an event team where there are separate meeting planning and project management roles. We’d like to try to give candidates a test for the Project Management role, but the examples I’ve found online are for more traditional PM roles. Any tips or ideas?


(Dewi) #2

A good test is experience. Have they started at the bottom and got their hands dirty and then worked their way up.

I see far too many event management jobs advertised with a degree requirement. For me a degree is just a piece of paper to say that you’ve passed an exam, it doesn’t prove a lifetimes experience.

(Belinda Booker) #3

When I’ve gone for interviews in the past (for journalism roles) I’ve sat tests ranging from editing a story, proof reading a story and writing a story based on a set of a company’s end of year accounts. These exercises tested individual skills: editing, proofing, ability to analyse financial information and construct a story. Are there similar skills you want your project manager to have that you could test with a written exercise, like maybe putting together an event budget?
However, as @DewiEirig points out, if the candidate can show evidence of the roles and tasks they’ve undertaken, this should give you a good idea of their capabilities. You can always seek testimonials from past employers too.