How can tech providers help event organisers?

(Jonathan) #1

I help event planners organize events through an app.

I came to the forum with the hope to get to know event planners better. What language do they use? What’s on their mind? What are their problems? How can I help them?

The biggest questions I have are:
How can I help event planners?
Where do event planners hang out in NYC?

It would be huge if I could meet them in person.

Keep up the great work with EventTribe!

(Belinda Booker) #2

EventTriber @angela is based in NY and might be able to make suggestions for in-person meetings with industry people? Don’t forget the NY chapter of MPI, which holds networking and educational events you might be able to join.

(angela eisermann) #3

Hey Jonathan,

As Belina said, there is MPI. Depending on the type of event there is also… HSMAIGNY, PCMA, NY ILEA, YEP, NYSAE and a few others.

(Jonathan) #4

@Belinda_Booker @angela
Wow, that was quick. Thank you both.
I’ve joined multiple groups on social media from your suggestions.

(angela eisermann) #5

Glad I could help.

(Belinda Booker) #6

One thing you’ll be able to see immediately is that events professionals love a good acronym! :joy:

( #7

Hi Jon,

I am based in London but I would be interested to know more about the app to help us to plan events and how it works,