How do you provide exhibitors with large numbers of e-tickets to supply to their customers without swamping their inboxes?


(Melissa Saunders) #1

Hi all
We traditionally sell a good quantity of tickets to exhibitors who then invite their customers to attend our event. In the past this has been mainly via the issuing of printed tickets. However, as part of our environmental pledge we want to move to e-tickets wherever possible but that would mean one exhibitor could have 1000+ e-tickets emailed to them which they then need to separate out and email on to each customer. Even with a price differential to incentivise e-tickets, paying for printed tickets to hand out or post to customers is still going to appeal. The best I can think of is a digital bar tab system where exhibitors buy X amount of tickets to put on their tab, email the link to customers who then each redeem their allocation. Don’t think this system exists though. Currently the exhibitor would need to bulk buy online and all the e-tickets would be emailed to them automatically.

Would welcome any ideas or suggestions and love to hear what other organisers do. I’ve not worked on an event previously where this has been such a challenge.

(Belinda Booker) #2

Hi Melissa, great to hear from you. Would it be possible to issue each exhibitor with a unique code that their customers can use to register and download their free e-ticket? Are you using a registration platform?

(Melissa Saunders) #3

Hi Belinda, hope you’re well? the trickiness is that the exhibitor needs to pay for the ticket but their customer gets it free. Historically we’ve invoiced post event based on redemption but that leads us into having to chase debt so trying to avoid that if possible. Really need that bar tab concept but not currently available via our current ticket agency.