How much do you pay for event photography?


(Marcus Jamieson-Pond) #1

Hi All

I am a freelance photographer, who specialises in photos of people and events (conferences/seminars/dinners etc).

I have been told I have an eye for “capturing the moment”.

I wondered how much people pay for this service?

I charge a standard £450 for a day (£300 for a half day) - which includes all processing time. As well as license free digital images, I also provide an event microsite.

Examples at

A friend told me that she was recently charged £6,5K to have a corporate conference covered. Am I massively underpriced?

Feel free to email me with an answer (or even book me for your event before my prices go up!).


(Melissa Saunders) #2

Hi Marcus, your rate sounds about right to me depending on the event. Depends what the brief is and time required. I guess if you want a shot of every last speaker and delegate it will push the price up but £6.5k seems rather a lot!

(Belinda Booker) #3

According to the 2018 Pulse Report, 54% of organisers have NO budget for photography, 32% spend less than £500 per event, 8% spend £500-£1k, 4% spend £1k-£5k, 1% spend £5k-£10k. So I think we can safely say a £6.5k spend is in the minority!

(Marcus Jamieson-Pond) #4

That’s really interesting and would suggest that for those willing to pay, my rates are about right.

I do get asked to do free coverage of events. I suspect event planners pay for everything else (venue, food, AV etc). However, I wouldn’t expect my plumber to fix my boiler for free and photography is what I do for a living.

Everyone has a camera on their phone and some think they can do the job, but in the same way as when you have a leaky pipe, sometimes it’s better to invest in a professional, rather than DIY!

Best M

(Melissa Saunders) #5

Agreed! I’ve had to work with some awful event photography in the past because the client has invested or someone from the board offered to take some snaps at the previous event or due to politics we couldn’t use previous shots. It really is worth the investment but it’s not just about the fee. You need your photographer to “get” your event so need to invest time with them for briefing, walking the event etc. Here are my top tips:

(Belinda Booker) #6

Great photos are SO important when it comes to event marketing and well worth paying for.

(Erica) #7

I’ve paid anywhere from $150 (a big birthday party, evening event) to $1,000 /day for big conferences, which typically needed more than 1 photographer for full coverage. We also want nice photos after the event to give to speakers and attendees.

(Melissa Saunders) #8

Nice touch giving the speakers/ attendees photos and much appreciated I’m sure!

(Erica) #9

It makes great branding later when speakers use them across the internet. :smiley:

(Marcus Jamieson-Pond) #10

Thanks Melissa - I’ve shared your article on LinkedIn, M

(Marcus Jamieson-Pond) #11

Hi Erica

As well as letting the organisers have digital images to use for their PR, I also create a microsite which gives them a chance to reconnect with attendees.

For example a conference I did this week sent out the mcirosite to their exhibitors, who were invited to download pictures. Is a nice giveaway and creates good will.

Examples at

(Melissa Saunders) #12

thanks Marcus!

(Julianne Johnson) #13

Hi @marcusjamiesonpond, I think your rates sound very reasonable :ok_hand:
I have a varied budget of £100 per hour for Northern based events and £125 for Southern - both all inclusive of travel, editing etc.

(Allison Pinney Collis) #14

Typically 650 for the day with (7hrs) and 150 thereafter (Wales)