How responsible are organisers for visitor's/participants safety?

(Melissa Saunders) #1

With a background in motorsports I’m well used to managed danger in events. I’ve just been asked to comment on this recent (sensationalist) article in the Daily Mail
and would like to know what you think about organiser responsibility in this kind of event. I’ve not been involved professionally & it’s not my thing at all personally but a large part of the appeal must be testing yourself against the potentially dangerous obstacles. I suspect the numbers injured v number or participants is minimal and probably less than football or ballet. Thoughts?

(Belinda Booker) #2

I guess they just have to be very clear about the risks when getting participants to sign the waivers and should stress the importance of being physically up to it. Clearly if there is a particular obstacle that people are getting injured on then the organisers should take steps to minimise that danger. As you say, it’s the organisers’ job to manage the danger, but not to eradicate all risk, or the event wouldn’t have the same appeal.
With any mass participation event there will be the odd injury or freak accident, even if it were just walking down the road. It’s the law of averages.

(Melissa Saunders) #3

Talking to my outdoorsy friends it seems that they’re aware of the risks and look out for each other along the way. Whilst the quality of the information from organisers varies they are not advocating a “nanny state” approach which removes the very dangers that attract people to this kind of event. Proper preparation and knowing your abilities is key for participants. You won’t catch me crawling through cold, muddy water any time soon (shudder) but it’s great see this event genre become so popular. .