How to write a business plan for an events company

(Shorelle Adams) #1

Hi, my name is Shorelle and I’m based in NZ, originally from South Africa.

I’m in the process of opening my own Events company which includes, weddings and parties. I also love to bake and have included cakes into the services I offer.

I was the events organiser at my previous company and organised year end parties, fundraisers and travelling events to name but a few. I have also assisted many friends with their weddings and therefore have added a wedding planning service as well.

As its early stages for me, I’m wanting to write up a personal business plan. Anyone able to give me any tips on doing so?

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(Melissa Saunders) #2

Hi Shorelle

Thanks for joining us and for posting this question. This Eventbrite blog should help you: [How to write an event business plan]

You’ll find other great advice on starting an events company here:

Best of luck and do share any other challenges with us on here as you come to them. We’d love to help!