I have no idea where to start planning a wedding?

(Elina) #1

My boyfriend has just proposed to me. I’m absolutely happy. But I have no idea where to start planning a wedding?

(robart dsuza) #2

Congratulation Elina. first you have to decide your budget.then create a guest list Hire a wedding planner if you want with your budgets

(Elina) #3

How much Budgets will be best for manage a wedding event?

(robart dsuza) #4

actually its not possible to say.It will be best if you contact with a professional wedding planner and take some advice from them,

(Elina) #5

I am still confused :disappointed:

(robart dsuza) #6

Have you already chosen the date? If not - do it. And knowing the date you will be able to hire all the professionaks needed to make a perfect wedding. Think of venue, flowers,event rentals nyc, and the maing thing your wedding dress.

(Elina) #7

Thanks a lot for your suggestion.My budgets is 20,000$.Is it enough for hire a event planner ?

(robart dsuza) #8

From my experience this budgets is enough for hire a wedding planner.And again I suggest you 1st contact a wedding planner.take some advice from them.

(Elina) #9

thanks :slightly_smiling_face: