Ideas for Event Swag/Giveaways

The most interesting trend we’ve seen is on-demand personalisation. I’ve seen it at a few events (most notably the Barclaycard British Summertime VIP area).

The idea is that you have a survey or quiz which is linked to a personality profile. As you’re answering questions on the quiz, it builds up an android style body personalised to your answers. You name the creature at the end, and it’s printed and transferred onto a mug or water bottle right away. Perfect way to attach someone’s name to your brand (almost) instantly!

Personally, we work with the slightly more boring end of the market at the moment, but there’s huge potential in areas like:

  • Personalised sweets
  • Bluetooth buttons and trackers for your stuff (like Tile)
  • Earphones - everyone needs them, not too many good branded options (O-budz are a small company trying to tackle this market!)

The main objective is to get stuff out that your customers will actually use, rather than throw in the bin right after the event or the show.


couldn’t agree more

And Tile is a great idea - can you brand these things up?

Yep, not too sure on how much it is, but we saw them at the PSI promotional merchandise show in Germany a few weeks ago. Pics here:

If you’re doing outdoor events then I’d say you can’t go wrong with branded umbrellas. If only they’d invent one with a cheap tracker to let you know you’ve left it behind somewhere too :wink: - We do loads of great stuff made in the UK at Umbrellastore.

I’d always appreciate something functional, though that might just be me! Things like folding plugs (there are promotional versions of the Mu plug) will always be kept in a backpack or briefcase. Power banks are OK, though most cheap ones don’t store enough charge for power-hungry iPhones/Samsungs now.

I’d love to know what people think about event merchandise so hopefully we can do something a little different!

I think @Aman’s suggestions of Tile and Mu plugs are pretty good. Agree also that most power banks are pretty poor quality.

Would love to hear some fresh ideas on this though

Umbrellas are a great idea - easy to do some nice branding as well.

According to shopify Bow Ties Trend right now!

Good Luck!

I was at Royal Ascot on Wednesday and their branded paper fans were very popular. However, they’d sold out by lunchtime on the second day of the event. No idea on cost to produce but if they’re a good fit with an event/the demographic then fans are a bit different and an eye-catching way to get a brand into visitors hands across an event.

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