Ideas for More Event Engagement?


(Mark Walker) #1

How are you increasing engagement at your events? It’s talked about a lot as important, but everyone has a different approach. It would be great to learn from organisers on EventTribe what you’re actively doing to encourage more engagement at your events.

(Sandy Bell) #2

Hi Mark - I held an event in January for all our UK and global staff. Whilst the event was a live webcast we used Yammer (part of the MS 365 package) as our comms tool. Those attending were asked to download the app to their phones and take part on the day. Given it was our first event using this engagement tool - I think it went very well. In the future we will continue to monitor if this is successful or a one off.

Keeping your delegates and online viewers part of the event is a difficult one.

(Nick Lawson) #3

Hey Sandy

What type of engagement was taking place on the app? Was it attendee to attendee discussions, or more attendee to organiser (e.g. asking questions)?

(Belinda Booker) #4

I’ve heard the attendees can be reluctant to download new apps specifically for an event. What was your take-up level like?