Internet at Trade Shows?


(Padikuor Akufo) #1

Hi There–

We are having a really hard time with Internet at trade shows. The exhibitor provided internet is EXPENSIVE and our hotspots don’t work. Does anyone elese have this problem? Anyone have a solution?

(Melissa Saunders) #2

I feel your pain and have been there unfortunately. Hoping one of our members has some solutions!

(Belinda Booker) #3

@FixMyWiFi can you help out here?

(Dewi) #4

If you can find an ethernet connection try using a travel router like this one

This is what I use when I’m on the road.

(Melissa Saunders) #5

Hi Padikour
I’ve spoken with a contact who has a great deal of experience in the industry and here are his thoughts on this issue:

"This is a huge challenge for exhibitors and organisers and generally speaking it’s not always the organisers fault as you are putting X amount of visitors and exhibitors in the same place and asking them to feed from the same network at the same time which obviously puts a huge drain on connection. The bigger the show the bigger the problem unfortunately! If his hotspots aren’t working then this is more a service provider issue and maybe he needs to look at a new supplier. Alternatively he should look at investing in a portable WiFi booster for mobile. If it’s a laptop connectivity issue he should look at a plug in option. This unfortunately is not an issue that has a one fix option as the biggest part of this is the venue investing in the very best(often the most expensive) wireless package for venues but a lot of them simply won’t do it. As an exhibitor he may need to forego location to be nearer the main signal with a stand near/beside it. Personally I would be asking questions of his current supplier and invest in a portable modem as this gives him the best option."
Hope that helps!

(Padikuor Akufo) #6

This seems interesting, but it’s not available in the US!

(Padikuor Akufo) #7

That is helpful! Thanks for reaching out to your contact. It’s unfortunate there isn’t a simple solution, but there seem to be some new options we can try at our shows.

(Melissa Saunders) #8

yes I’m hoping technological developments will overcome it sooner rather than later so the problem just goes away. Hope something here works for you.

(simon) #9

We’ve had this problem too, our product is web-based, so if we do a live demo having it not load isn’t great to say the least! We purchased one of these mobile broadband dongles, largely as back up but we’ve depended on it at a couple of shows. Might be worth checking out.