Introduce yourself to the EventTribe community!

Thanks Belinda. It’s been really interesting so far and yes, getting out to events and working with the teams in person is definitely a highlight!

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Hi, My Weekend Plan is the leading events and team building company in Malaysia that develops and provides the most fun and creative activities!

Check us out! My weekend plan

Hello and welcome to our new EventTribers! If you haven’t already introduced yourself, please do so…

@jdrasdis3 Charity|PADCO|Head of Logistics
@whitelakepresb Charity|White Lake Presb Church|Event Coordinator
@qhctom Classes/Workshops/Seminars|qhcsg|manager
@GoldenCRI Conferences|goldencri |Washington Strategic Leadership Conference
@mrpatto Conferences|Help Scout|Customer Service Evangelist|
@AshleyWillson Corporate Events|TORO Enterprises Corp|Marketing
@jaymarketing Corporate Events|LE CAMP|Marketing
@Nikolina_Palavra Corporate Events|Sun Gardens Dubrovnik|Events Assistant
@myweekendplan Corporate Events|My Weekend Plan|Intern
@Pankajam Corporate Events |Freelancer
@mikestew89 Festivals (Music)|Thirty Two|Director
@abbyweaver Festivals (Non Music)||Marketing Director
@Trey3rissa Festivals (Non Music)||Owner/creator/craftsman|
@Clairebudd Freelancer|Freelancer Event Manager|Event manager
@LucyMartin Freelancer
@isemurphy Consultant|Event Manager
@Jonathan_Mudge Show/Exhibition/Convention|JELLYBEAN CREATIVE LTD|Exhibition Stand Designer
@Mia_Rax Show/Exhibition/Convention|Rax TENT|sales
@BardagSports Sports|Bardag Sports Academy|Borough Talent Organiser & CEO
@Gareth_Batten Supplier|OFilms|Operations and Business Development Manager
@kochieventmanagment Event Management Companies in Kochi
@Doyin_Fash Weddings|Doyin Fash|Doyin Fash
@giovanaduailibe Weddings|Belief Wedding Planners|CEO

Hello! I’m Mat Patterson from Help Scout, a software company making tools for customer-centric businesses. I’m here for a couple of reasons - to learn about event and conferences, as we’re sponsors and advisors to Support Driven events.

We also have noticed quite a few events professionals who manage their event communications through a Help Scout account. Part of my role at Help Scout is to produce useful guides and articles on how to deliver great service to customers / registrants / sponsors or whoever else you communicate with. That’s all on HelpU.

So I’m going to be listening in, learning a lot, sharing some advice where I can and maybe finding some ways to help you all share your stories with people who could learn from them!

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Hi Matthew, Help Scout looks like a good solution for large events that need to offer customer support at scale. You need an Eventbrite integration next!


my name is Jonas. I’m new here!
So I’ll introduce myself in a moment.

I live and work in Hamburg and am currently trying to start my own little business.
I’m an event technician and founder of SIR Associate.

Have a nice time!

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Sounds interesting, Jonas. Tell us a bit more about it!

Hello Everyone,

I am Ashley Willson and currently working as event planner in TORO Enterprises Corp.

I live in Laurel, Maryland and willing to share my thoughts & explore knowledge


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Brilliant, Ashley! Glad you want to get involved. What type of events do you work on?

Hola to our new members :wave: Please introduce yourself if you haven’t already!

@COCO_and_CO Classes/Workshops/Seminars|Communication|Consultant
@W_Luckett Classes/Workshops/Seminars|1CreateLegacy|event coordinator
@Pouya_Sepehr Conferences|University of Vienna|University Assistant
@dottydaydream Corporate Events|BPACHS|Support Officer
@mmarkovic Corporate Events|Levi9 Technology Services|Marketing and Recruitment Specialist
@SrJonas Festivals (Music)|Sir Associate|Event Manager, Event Technician, CEO of SIR Associate
@LucySanger Freelancer|Event Manager
@tajalla Music|Tajalla for Music and Art|Event Manager
@areejabuajamieh Other|Global HCI|Operations Manager
@ANSS Non Profit Organization| ANSS|Program Officer
@nuno Performances|complexe we|director producer

hi, this is nuno gomez, thanks for the greetings.Looking for an event on the 22ND of june, make sure you pass by theatre Granada and the the after party. Great venues and "surprise"s, might be!

calling all young professionals and or soon to be one.


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Good luck with the show, Nuno. Where is Theatre Granada?

its in sherbrooke quebec, 2 hrs away from montreal 4 hrs away from quebec city

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Hi I’m a newbie here please try to visit our Events place quezon city! It could be your perfect venue for your perfect event.

Hi All. I’m a newbie and will mostly come across as a total dummy here, I am sure - so apologies in advance. I guess I am permitted to say that I run “Beach Boys Britain Events” and that does not mean the superficial teenybop idolization (as if!), but rather the music side of things - workshops, harmony dissecting…and of course, Charity Events!
What brought me to this site, I will be honest here, is the frustration of trying to find a very “cost effective” (read “cheap” - or preferably “free” venue for our next gig, which is to be for Worldwide Cancer. So… may I use that as a starting point to asked my learned colleagues here, for pointers in the right direction, advice and general “brain picking”, please? We’re planning something special for the year 2020 - with all good reasons…

I’m Simon. MD of Shortarm Ltd. We started in the self-drive car tour business, expanded into small events/ festivals and now exploring what might come next!
Our early days were supported by Wordpress microsites with PayPal buttons. The marketing effort was mainly PR and handing out flyers!
Nowadays the microsites are on Wix with Eventbrite handling the tickets - all backed by Hubspot CRM powering our email marketing and social advertising.
Keen to stay on top of the latest trends/ issues, hear from other organisers and to help/ share where I can.

Hi Belinda. Thank you for replying!

I’m currently trying to gain some more experience in the operational side of event management.
However, it’s just the beginning of an exciting new path to having my own event management company that I have so many ideas for, yet don’t know where to start?
For example, I’ve started on website structure, got a name, jotted some notes for the business plan, and then?
How do I actually start by taking clients or literally launching the company?

Thanks again

Hi everyone!

I’m Luca, events lead at TEOOH. We are a Virtual Events Platform, where communities can come together to collaborate, network and share knowledge inside our digital venues. You can host events ranging from panel discussions to networking gatherings or group meetings - which your community can access globally from any desktop device.

We’re just about ready to start disrupting the events industry, and we’re looking to connect and share ideas with any event enthusiast out there!

What are your thoughts about virtual events in 3D environments? Have any of you tried one before? If so, what was your experience like?

If you’d like to chat, ping me here or at I’m also hosting a virtual event on Thursday 4th July. You would all join as avatars and mingle with other event profs:)

Trailer (early version):


Hi I work for the Highland Council, I come from Inverness, Scotland, I am the organiser of an Annual Charity Truck Show, I have been trying to find software to map out a plan of the event. Cheer’s, George


I work for Townscript, a global Event Registration/Ticketing company (100K events across 27 Countries).

As I am new to this space I am looking to understand the event organizers community.