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Hi @Renee love the concept of “heads up” technology. I think there’s an interesting discussion to be had about what is the “right” level of engagement attendees should be having with their devices during an event. A frequent example is whether an audience using twitter to discuss the subject of a show/talk whilst it’s ongoing a good/bad thing? Would be interested to here a speaker’s thoughts on this.

@MsLolaRae how did it go?! :pray:

I really like the crowdfunding approach - have you chosen a platform yet?

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Happy Monday one and all, hope you all had great weekends. Anyone organising an interesting Valentines Day event this week?

Welcoming a group of charming new eventtribers today. If you’re new, please do:

  1. Feel free to say hi
  2. Tell us what you’re working on/ask for anything you’d like help on
  3. Tell us why you’re interested in EventTribe.

@Jess Founder + CEO - Collabosaurus
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@MelFitz Marketing Manager - LeeFest
@AlexM Conference and Events Manager - Cystic Fibrosis Trust
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@Caitlin_HT Administrator - Survivors’ Network
@Royston1985 Event Producer - Par64 Production & Live Marketing
@Joanne Director - Mascot Promotional Staffing
@MichelleK events manager - Cravenhill Publishing
@NE3Music Promotions Manager - The Hype Magazine
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@JoshuaH Event Manager - Sai Maa, LLC
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@jennymoore Managing Director - Moore Connections
@Rudrasen CEO - SYS
@Charlene Event Manager - Events with CJ
@amacklin Event Producer - Business Reporter
@Rhianna Event Manager - Reverence Events
@helenacam Event Manager - Events & Hospitality Services
@heleneugenie Event Manager - Helen of Event Ltd
@nickypru Membership Programme Manager - PraxisUnico
@Amrita_Devaiah Events Manager - NCS TRUST C.I.C.
@lizzygaskin Director - Marketing - Right Angle Corporate Ltd
@iamwhitneybrown Communications & Fundraising Officer - DiversityInCare
@edoubleoo Creative Director - Soundvybe Consultancy
@jahenrich Director - Global Cynergies

Welcome all, great to have you here.

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Thank you for the welcome Nick! We are not planning any valentines events for this year, but have instead started discussing an event for 2018 - featuring the use of event tech for matchmaking at a valentines themed event! What are others working on at the moment?

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Word of mouth is our most important (typical for professional services) so I need to ensure my colleagues are briefed about our brand and services (plus providing them with collateral).

Events are important for lead generation and the main channels for promoting these are email newsletters (to our subscribers) and direct mail to SME prospects. Direct mail campaigns are costly and time-consuming but unavoidable if we want to get our value proposition in front of a new audience.

We still contribute editorial copy and adverts to business newspapers in the East of England.

Dear Abi, I am so sorry I have missed your message! I am actually in Spitalfields this afternoon if you are around after 4.30. If not maybe next week?

Unfortunately I am away from the office today but next week could work fine! What is your availability like?
We are doing a couple of free networking events in shoreditch and old street in March as well and you’re more than welcome to come along and meet the team :slight_smile:

Like a better version of Tinder for events? Sounds interesting :slight_smile:

I hear you about direct mail.

Have you explored LinkedIn’s advertising platform? You can target fairly granularly by things like company, job title, seniority, industry, location etc. Its a good fit for professional services.

Hi Aby,
I can do afternoons Monday and Tuesday. Would that work for you?

I would love to know more about the networking events. I only know of Citizen Event, but would love to attend more. As much as I like forums, face to face is a great excuse to get out of the office, at least:slight_smile:
Maybe Eventbrite’s can do one @nick_lawson (I am sorry if you do and I do not know about it :slight_smile: )

Hi @nick_lawson

It went really well, everyone was impressed with it so I’m glad.

Hope you’re well.

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I am using LinkedIn at the moment to target industry segments in particular geographic areas (for event marketing). On both LinkedIn and Twitter, the jury is still out on how effective these platforms are for converting B2B prospects. Old school display banner ads - never going back to them!

Afternoon all, hope everyone is crushing the working the week so far. If not, that’s ok, that’s what coffee is for.

Welcoming some new members today, if you’re new, please do:

  1. Feel free to say hi
  2. Tell us what you’re working on/ask for anything you’d like help on
  3. Tell us why you’re interested in EventTribe.

Hello to…

@GoodDeedDating Community and Event Coordinator - Good Deed Dating
@NataliaU Community Manager - Altoros
@skennedy Senior Producer / Account Director - Freelancer
@rhart Assistant Events Officer - Macmillan Cancer Support
@ReBell Event Manager - Freelance
@robinsonss Director of Events - HOST Event Management
@Angelique Marketing Manager - Media 10
@Cara Marketing and Sponsorship - Software Acumen Ltd
@Noodles Delegate Manager - Owl Live
@Elizabeth Marketing - The Arts Group Limited
@Ariez Director - Mainland Entertainment
@Charlotte_Hallaways Marketing and communications manager - myHRcareers: non profit members led community
@Lou Sales Manager - Ace Hotel

Welcome, great to have you here

I’ve generally found that the cpc of LinkedIn is just astronomically higher than that of Facebook, but was interested to see if someone had had success. Facebook’s my go to for b2b because it’s audiences and targeting are just so much more powerful than the other platforms

@bogdan we don’t any regular networking events atm although we have in the past. Perhaps we should create a meetup section on here so we can gauge the appetite and think about organising something around EventTribe? I was planning on creating a topic about it but there will be an EventTribe stand at Confex at the beginning of March which would be a great opportunity to get people together and meet people in person.


Good Day! My name is Dan Gallagher and I am a professional Real Bearded Santa Claus in Jacksonville Florida area. I am the Founder/President of a 100% Nonprofit foundation named "Santa’s Special Kids. We raise and distribute funds to help children with Special Needs and their families. Especially children with Autism, Down syndrome, pediatric Cancer and like disabilities.
We established our foundation in May of 2015. As with most foundations we have problems with getting volunteers and experienced board members. We are in the planning stage for lining up our fundraisers for 2017. This is happening today.
Would appreciate any help in this as no one on our board has the experience in large fundraising events.
I am glad that someone created this and look forward to being a part of it and down the road being able to help someone new to these challenges.
Thank You
Dan Gallagher