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Hi everyone - Im used to running evening events. However I’m just getting into the corporate world and I need to source technology/ finance speakers for roundtable events/conferences. I don’t really know where to start looking. Can you help me with a thread/website/key words which might be useful for my search? Thanks so much,

Looking to try and get the involvement of local cafes for special afternoon teas - a theme that will hopefully pull in some younger faces and a wider reach of London. Does anyone have experience of how the business relationship would work between local cafes ( not chains) and a charity would be? Just want to know best how to approach this.

Hey @danielle_tinsley maybe split these two posts out into their topics to get them more exposure/get the discussion rolling

Hi everyone, I’m delighted to be joining the Tribe. I am currently working on a large charity ball for the insurance industry which is on 4th May at LSO St Lukes (fab venue) and a few small events for a tech client. I also provide social media and marketing support to some of my clients.
Just wanted to say I love EventBrite and use it all the time!
Always looking for unusual and new venues in London.
Nichola :smile:

Hi everyone, I’m working on a customer analytics to help organisers identify, reward and mobilise their loyal attendees and retain who’s lost or slipping away.

Looking to work with music venues and event promoters who run club nights, socials and networking events. :slight_smile:


Hey Nichola great to have you here. What’s the favourite venue you’ve discovered/used in London? Also thinking you might have a good answer for this thread:

Really lucky in my career that I have used some amazing venues. I absolutely love London and so my favourite place has to be the Natural History Musuem - Hinze Hall (where Dippy is/used be) is so majestic and sureal in a way. Also the Darwin Centre with the huge curve walled in the middle and outside terrace - really lovely for Summer parties.

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Hi, I started my event business just under 2 years ago. I predominantly work on Business events, helping SME’s to host unique events. I looking forward to sharing & receiving some great tips :grin:

Natural History Museum is an amazing venue!

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Hi Amanda, great to have you here!

Hi all, hope you’re all having good weeks. Taking the chance to welcome some lovely new members today.

If you’re new around here, please do make yourself feel out home and if you wish take the chance to say hi, tell us what you’re working on, or what’s challenging you right now by just commenting below. A big welcome to…

Aurelie De Saqui @Aurelie_De_Saqui Events manager - Freelancer
rachel de thample @dethample Founder - Rachel de Thample Ltd.
Jimmy Swagger @Jimmy_Swagger Event Manager - Gentleman’s Encyclopedia of Excellence
Paul Endacott @60sBusLondon Founder / Promotor - Music Heritage London
Emmma @emys.55 Events Officer - The Royal College of Midwives
Akua Obeng-Frimpong @AkuaOF Producer - Letchworth Festival
Fran Hampson @Fran Events Manager - BVRLA
Kataryna Peckham @Peckham Fundraising Officer - mcch
Richard Loydall @RichardL Sales & Marketing Director - ISC Software
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Alix Bateman @GHL Event Planner - The Glebe House London
Emma @ELock Events Officer - Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons
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Eleanor Radford @Eleanor Senior Coordinator, Events - ISEAL Alliance
Cleber Silva @cleberpgs Founder - Clever in Dublin
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Russ McMahon @Russ_McMahon Project Manager - Frogbeats
Carrie Mc Gill @Carrie_McGill Events Executive - Media Scotland Events
Helen Edward @Helen Deputy Chair Membership and Fundraising - RPNK CA
Andrew Workman @Beehive Director - The Beehive Natural Health Practice
Nate Isaacson @Nate_Isaacson Events Officer - Young Liberals
Andrew Charlton @HashtagEvents CEO - Hashtag Business Events Limited
Steve Ahnael Nobel @SteveNobel Soul Matrix Healer - The Soul Matrix
Alan O’Donohoe @Alan_O_Donohoe Specialist Leader in Education -
Kayleigh Tiernan @MagenTys Marketing Executive - MagenTys
Hannah Frances Wozniak @Hannah_Frances_Wozni Head of Events and Fundraising - Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary
Annabelle Hunting @Annabelle Event Professional - Freelance
Jason Edge @Doublemadforit Founder - Brighton GIN Club
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Jodie Thind @JoThind Director - Lyceum Media
Carol Akiwumi @AmickyCarol Chair/AVOCADO Project Manager - Black Fundraisers UK
Simone @Ariesdue web Designer - ARIESDUE
Kim Ross @RCC_Events_Team Centre Manager - The Ridgeway Centre
tony cealy @tonycealy Drama & Theatre Practitioner Trainer - Self -Employed Freelance
Chloe Bramble @cbramble Marketing Executive- Events & Social Media - Department for International Trade East of England
Tracy Durrant @mstracydurrant Events Manager - Tracy Durrant
Claudia Dance Wells @Claudia_Dance-Wells Events and Meetings Coordinator - Duke Studios
Paul Terrell @PaulT Event Manager - Spirit Fest UK
Anne Rushing @casadega Creative Director - Pop Up! Scotland

Great to have you all here

Hi everyone. I run an integrated marketing agency and regularily get involved in events in a number of ways. We run our own events to teach business owners how to make their marketing work. I assist clients to put on their own events. And finally I am a professional speaker undertaking up to 50 gigs a year from company events to industry conferences and including CEO masterminding groups. I do a bit of charity MC work. So have a rounded perspective on events… a key marketing tool for many businesses and organisations. Look forward to contributing to this group. Barnaby

Hi @Barnaby_Wynter great to have you here and all your experience :slight_smile: [quote=“Barnaby_Wynter, post:271, topic:57”]
We run our own events to teach business owners how to make their marketing work

What do you find is the most common issue/misunderstanding/pain point people have with their marketing?

Hi, I work on making Meetings and Events more fun by using gaming techniques.

Nick, Like any industry that has gone through profound change in a very short period of time there are of course many misunderstandings. They key however is that the message that a business tells today must be totally about the prospect and no longer about the business. This one piece of thinking invariably reconfigures the whole process of marketing. Hope that stimulates…

Hi everyone.

I’m Julia, I work for a trade association as their Head of Events. We run a lot of training course, professional development meetings, networking events, that kind of thing. Plus our flagship annual conference.

I thought I’d join to get some tips from other event bods as I don’t have a huge team to bounce ideas off where I am.

Hi Julia, great to have you here. What trade association is it?

Hope we can be some form of digital substitute for your team :slight_smile:

Hi my name is Krys and I run an organisation called How to Accelerate Learning.

We run events for businesses to train their trainers, facilitators and subject matter experts to be sable to help people learn quickly, effectively and with more impact.

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Hi everyone!

I work at a conference centre in Peterborough, UK and we hold lots of different types of events.

I joined eventtribe because I want to keep up to date with the emerging ideas / trends/ needs of the events industry and see how we can improve our service and venue.

We have been working on a large conference with speakers coming from America that starts on Monday. I’ll be organising / overseeing a team of interns as they work with us for this event! Wish me luck!

Have a great weekend!

Stimulating indeed and definitely agree - whole areas of marketing, like content marketing have grown out of this one concept/shift.