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New to EventTribe? Welcome to the community! We know that posting in a new community can be pretty daunting but we do love to hear from every one of our members – even if you just say hi - so please do introduce yourself here by telling us:

What you do (please don’t pitch or sell!)
Where you come from
What you’re working on
What challenges you have (we can probably help!)

Cheers and welcome!



I’m working on a small event for high growth event organisers looking at 3 proven ways to improve ticket sales (people can register for free here) which is taking place in central London on Jan 27th.

I’m also the manager of Eventbrite’s UK blog, so any EventTribe community members interested in writing for us can email me at

Thanks and looking forward to hearing what everyone else is working on!


The next ‘event’ I’m planning is a birthday party for around 20 five year olds. On the plus side, they’re not too concerned about the quality of wifi coverage at the venue, but I am expecting a pretty demanding set of food and beverage requirements… Wish me luck.

Other than that, I manage marketing for Eventbrite UK and Ireland and have a keen interest in endurance events.


My passion is for events in the festival / music / culture space - sometimes hosting, frequently attending and talking about them!

Fortunately this segues neatly with my role at Eventbrite, where I am working to make our site as helpful as it can be for festival, arts and music organisers. Looking forward to hearing what other event professionals are working on.


Co-Founder and MD at Mind The Product - meetups in 90+ cities globally and kick-ass conferences in London and SF. I focus on the commercial side of the business and partnerships - my co-MD owns anything content/curation.

Always looking to learn!


Great to have you on board @James.Mayes , please do feel free to invite your co-MD too.

As a conference organiser I’d be interested to know your answer to this:


Day to day you can find me at Eventbrite, helping Event Organisers in Education, Publishing and the Public Sector. My passion outside of work is for endurance events, triathlons, swimming, swim runs and I’ve organised a number of world first expeditions, including the longest swim in the Arctic Circle (7.8km).

I’m looking to host my first event this year which will hopefully be a swimming event in London and look forward to learning from you all!


“Small-Medium” is obviously subject to experience! Assuming 400-600 attendees, we’ve used the Mermaid a couple of times before. Great staff, great venue.

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Hey folks! I work with @James.Mayes at Mind the Product, handling the registration and event-tech (primarily networking) side of the kick-ass conference operations :wink: And also managing our online community & blog.

Looking forward to swapping insights and advice, and getting any reviews of folks’ great / terrible ticket-buying / registration / networking experiences! I’ve been doing a LOT of research into ticketing and registration solutions, so always happy to geek out about attendee experience.


Hi I’m Jon, firstly I should point out that I’m not an event organiser as such, but I’ve spoken at many events/conferences over the last 7 years.

Mainly known for this beating Simon Cowell to Xmas No.1 (twice)

Good to be here!


Well hey @Jon - fancy seeing you here :wink:

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@Jon what a lovely surprise, welcome!

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Good afternoon everyone.

I work mainly in the social media world and use Eventbrite to organise my own workshops to attend events. I also co-host the largest Welsh language Twitter hour where we potentially reach around 3.5 million Twitter timelines per week

I’m currently working on the Llandudno Xmas Fair in November and looking at how be can use Eventbrite so that visitors can prebook event tickets.

Great to have you here. Assuming your workshops are focused on social media training?

The majority of them will be but there will be business networking meetings that will be organised via another account. Most of them will be in the Welsh language.

A Freelance Event Photographer based outside of Amsterdam, covering international (tech) events across Europe. I have been fortunate to work with the great folks of Mind the Product in London, Web Summit, HR Tech World, Dublin Tech Summit (next up), as well as a number of niche events which are very much related to my other profession in Talent Acquisition, such as the Sourcing Summit Europe and a range of recruitment industry events.

Hi all, great to be part of this community. I used to Head up a medium sized Experiential and Events agency called Energy Live but last year moved to Geometry Global to head up experiential and events across the network. Great place with some great clients and now working on a number of events and experiential projects - 2017 is going to be a manic and exciting year - hopefully will get a chance to work with some of you as well…outside of the job, I’m a married father of 2 young boys (5 and 2 1/2) - have just spent Xmas in Florida including 3 days at Disney World - now that is how you organise mass events! very inspirational…always happy to help out and contribute in any way i can…

Welcoming some new members this morning (listed below) - please do feel free to say hi on this thread and…

  1. Tell us what you’re working on?
  2. Tell us why you’re interested in EventTribe


BONUS QUESTION: Tell us what the best event you’ve ever been to was, and why?

@HJack - Food Sorcery
@Alan_Noble - GC2018 Commonwealth games
@Natasha_Najm - Independent Communications Consultant
@Adam - Freelance Event Manager
@Renee - Limbic Media
@James - Causr
@emmeline - Freelance Event Manager
@steve.ward - Social Recruiting Strategies
@Stephenodonn - Source Selection Ltd
@Juraj_Holub -

Great to have you here Oscar - I believe you’re are first Event Photographer!

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Hi, I’m working on a start up business creating 4-5 events per week and was interested in EventTribe to get tips and advice on the best way to set up and promote events.
We are a cookery school offering social cooking events as well as masterclasses, in the future we’ll be creating weekend and residential events.
I’m using EventON on our website to set up events and for customers to book but am contimplating moving over to eventbrite to tap into their database but have been put off by the transaction fees - any advice very welcome.