Introduce yourself to the EventTribe community!

Welcome Laurence, great to have you on board! Love the festive logo :grinning:

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a good idea. i’ve been thinking about organising something similar but a demo of our product for 10+ event planners. food for thought for sure. (and prosecco:)

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Hey there everyone! Thanks for the lovely welcome @Belinda_Booker
Nicole :smile:

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Happy New Year to all members - old and new! A special welcome to those who have joined us over the festive period. What awaits you in 2019? Let us know :grinning:

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I work for an insurance company in Reading and organise all of their events so it’s mainly corporate events that I organise. I’m currently working on a few events including some lunches, conferences and drinks.

I have a list of venues for a particular event and wondered if anyone had any ideas for how to present them that isn’t on a boring old Word document!

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi Rebekah, great to have you on board! Sounds like a nice mix of events. We were discussing presentation tools over here:

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hello everyone. I am Prisco Diko. CEO of Shosa Empire from Cameroon

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Welcome Prisco! :wave:

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Thank you Belinda.
And glad to hear from someone.

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Hello Belinda,

 I'm happy to hear from you , and I can admit I've pick out some very interesting tips from your previous message..  And I congratulate and appreciate this website 

Please would you continue with me? Give me advice and tips and of cause mentor me.?

I’m doing quite alot in my country and I feel unidentified…

Are these feelings normal?

Very normal, I think. Why don’t you discuss any specific challenges you’re having over on this thread?

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I’m a student. I’m studying Leisure and Events Management. I come from the Netherlands.

As an Event student, I’m looking for more opportunities to work in different kind of events as much as I can in order to gain more knowledge and experience.

Nice to meet you and if you know any chance for me, please let me know.

Thanks and looking forward to your news

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Hi all lovely people,

I am the director of Bevec, lighting AV specialist for events.

I am on here to help anyone out with technical questions about lighting sound AV anything to do with production! It’s good for event planners and organisations to know and understand how and what they need to make their events great, and to what the client wants.

Love helping people out!

Ask away!!!


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Welcome are you working on staging any events as part of your course?

Hi @Bevec_Lighting great to have you with us - thanks for getting stuck and sharing your knowledge. I’m sure other members will find your contributions really useful. I will certainly send any queries about lighting and AV your way!

Hello to all the new members who have joined us over the last week. Come and say hi! :star_struck:

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Hello from Lytham St Annes
I am new to this community :slight_smile:


Hey Belina,

Thanks for this introduction.
I found this forum quite useful and people are helping each other! I love the atmosphere!

Also HELLO everyone! I have an ongoing event, feel free to contact me if you have any recommendations on how to improve the listing etc.


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