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(Mark Clayton) #21


When I introduce myself it always feels more like a confession rather than an introduction… but here goes… I’m a specialised insurance broker with 30 years experience with 25 of those arranging insurance for companies in the worldwide, multi-faceted Exhibition and Event industry but primarily based in the UK.

I hope to learn from the community here. I’m interested in identifying and understanding new trends and reoccuring problems faced by organisers, contractors and exhibitors. This helps us stay in tune with our customer base and improve our insurance products. And you never know, I may also be able to offer some pointers or answers to issues faced by other Exhibition/Event professionals.

(Nick Lawson) #22

Hi Helen great to have you here. Your courses look great (I took a look at your website - cooking is bit of side hobby of mine!).

Please do just post your event promotion questions to the #event-promotion category, and we’ll get onto answering them the best we can.

Re Eventbrite - If you’re interested in having a chat with the team you can give them a call/ask them to give you a call here:

(Nick Lawson) #23

Hi Mark, good to see you here and hope you can indeed learn from the community and vice versa. Really enjoying the diversity of members so far

(Oscar Mager) #24

Thanks Nick, just very passionate about how events can benefit from visual storytelling. For me, missing this at many events, it was the reason to start bringing my camera to events myself and capture the great vibe so many events have. I was lucky to make my passion a profession :slight_smile:

(Nick Lawson) #25

That’s really interesting, I definitely agree with the importance of capturing an event’s vibe. For me I certainly don’t think I have given enough thought to visual storytelling at previous events i’ve run. Please do feel free to share your work - maybe the #event-inspiration category could be a good fit for this?

(Adam) #26

Hi all, I’m the only events manager for a large construction project in London, a project which finishes next year (I’m sure many of you could guess which!).

My day to day ranges from book launches, to exhibition launches, private visits and tours, mass public visits, cycle safety events, school visits and anything else!

I’ve been very fortunate to have had many people including industry leaders, Mayors, Prime Ministers and HM The Queen attend my events.

My project finishes next year, and my experiences have given me the confidence to set up my own company offering freelance event management for and also consulting / advice for (but not limited to) the construction industry.

So why am I here? I’ve used Eventbrite for a long time, and love the extra information including the britepapers. Working in events when you are the only person in the company with that job role can be very insular. I’m always looking for more information, latest trends, useful hints and tips and also to share my story and experiences.


(Nick Lawson) #27

Hi Adam, what an interesting intro and experience! It’s great to have you here. Can i ask what’s been the highlight of your work on the project - or do you think that is still to come?

Awesome that you’re planning to start your own company up (I think we already have a few startups/freelancers here) but in the meantime I hope this community can be some form of substitute for the lack colleagues in your current team.

P.s. given the high profile of attendees you’ve had at an event I’m wondering if you have any insight on this topic:

(Adam) #28

Thanks Nick, the entire experience has been a highlight for me. I’m so grateful for my current project, they have challenged me from day 1 in this role, and they sponsored me to do an Event Management Diploma (finished it last year and got a Distinction - yay). The sheer variety of experiences and audiences has been non stop, and I have learnt so much.

I’m also immensely proud of my achievements, both in smaller scale events I have managed completely by myself and large scale events where I create and develop ‘the plan’, and act as a ‘glue’ to make sure our multiple internal stakeholders work together with me to deliver something amazing. Something I am most proud of is that over 10,000 people have safely visited our project as part of Open House whilst I have been at the reigns, and Eventbrite has been one of my key tools in facilitating that.

I’ll take a look at the insurance topic :slight_smile:

(Nick Lawson) #29

Good morning and a very happy Blue Monday to you all. Yes, today is apparently the most depressing of the year. What reasons do you have to be happy? Well luckily @markw has the antidote (complete with a picture of two happy pugs) in this post:

In happier news, we’re welcoming new members this morning!


Please do introduce yourself and/or…

Telling us what you’re working on? (We might be able to help)
Why you’re interested in this community?

Thanks and welcome!


(Natasha Giller) #30

Hi I’m Natasha, I’m currently on maternity leave with my first little bundle of joy who is now 6 months old so will be going back to work in a few months. I have spent most of his nap times researching and catching up on news in the event industry.
I am currently the events coordinator for NHS Supply Chain helping to organise a variety of different events and conferences, however, as our company is helping the NHS to save millions, it is getting harder and harder to organise the types of events needed with less and less of a budget. I’m always keen to find ways to cut costs without cutting the quality.

Look forward to speaking to everyone and sharing some good advice :slight_smile:

(Nick Lawson) #31

Hi Natasha, great to have you here and congrats on the baby!

I think finding ways to reduce costs and “do more with less” is something a lot of us in the industry are being asked to do atm. Off the top of your head where do you feel you have found the most success in being more efficient with your budgets, without taking too much away from the quality of your events?

(Claudia Lopes) #33

Hello from Lisbon in Portugal.

I’m Claudia and I manage a small corporate event company in Lisbon, called MUD.Events.

I also teach Events’ Strategic Managment (Master) at Estoril Higher Institute for Tourism and Hotel Studies.

So good to be here, sharing great ideas and be inspired by EventTribe!

(Natasha Giller) #34

Hi Nick,
Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, you’re right - a lot of businesses are having to really cut back due to the current economic climate.

Personally, (not just because I’m a bit of a tech geek) I find that technology is the way forward. More and more people are using smart phones and tablets now and taking advantage of this can really cut costs. For a very simple example, having the usual hundreds of print outs we used to give out available electronically, it minimises waste and obviously completely eradicates the printing costs we would previously have paid. There are more and more cheap or even free technological developments we can take advantage of now, you just have to do a bit of digging to find them :slight_smile:

(Nick Lawson) #35

Saying hello to some more new members. We have…

@Maria - Head of Marketing @ Central Hall
@Heggie - Marketing & Events Coordinator @ University of Kent
@Amanda_Norrie - MICE Manager @ Click Travel
@sereny - Business Development and Event Manager @ Government of South Australia
@KellyM - Senior Event Manager @ Quintessentially
@Lawrence_Morgan - Event Management Student
@Beth - Event Coordinator @ Brightpearl

Please do introduce yourself and/or…

Telling us what you’re working on? (We might be able to help)
Why you’re interested in this community?

Thanks and welcome!


(Beth Motherwell) #36

Hi, great to be a part of this community!

I’m Beth and I work as an event coordinator at Brightpearl, an inventory and accounting software for retailers. I arrange everything from webinars, trade shows, customer retention and lead generation events. In particular I am interested in using events as a lead generation source and how best to convert website traffic into event sign ups.

Looking forward to speaking with everyone, sharing and learning some great events advice!

(Claire Dibben) #37

Hi everyone,

I’m the Events and Marketing Manager for a Digital Marketing Agency. I organise small-scale meet-ups and conferences for digital marketers looking to improve their knowledge and get some inspiration to help them do their jobs a little better!

I think this community is a great idea - I’m the only events person in my office (small - 12 of us!) and sometimes it’s nice to bounce ideas around. I have an event in March so can’t wait to chat with everyone :slight_smile:


(Bogdan Maran) #38

Hi all,

My name is Bogdan, and I work for Splento, heading their Business Development and Partnership efforts. Think of Splento as the baby of Uber and RedBull Content with a camera in hand :slight_smile:

I am here to learn a lot, dispell or prove myths about photography, meet new people, and hopefully contribute as much as I get from this lovely community.

(Ruksaana Schutt) #39


I’m Roxy and I am currently a student at UWE, Bristol where I’m reading for my Masters in Event Management.
I’ve just been given my first event brief- got to organise an event for legal professional to raise £1500 for a local charity who support people at court on low income without legal representation- any ideas would be great.
There isn’t budget- everything comes from ticket sales or during event sales.

thanks for staring this forum :slight_smile:

(Nick Lawson) #40

Hi Roxy, what an interesting brief to be working on. When is the event coming up? What type of event formats are you looking at doing?

(Nick Lawson) #41

Hey Bogdan great to have you here. Out of interest what is one of most common photography myths you see come up?