Introduce yourself to the EventTribe community!


(Nick Lawson) #460

Great to have you here @lisajaynelewis :slight_smile:

(Samantha Hooper) #461

Hi everyone, in-house Events & Sales here, heading up that tricky balancing act between corporate/commercial and arts/culture events at our Camden venue.
Great idea this, I’m sure I will be picking everyone’s brains for help before long and hope to be able to return the favour! See you around.


(Belinda Booker) #462

Welcome Sam - why not start your Event Tribe experience by entering our new competition? 🎁 PRIZE COMPETITION: De-Stress After Your Event with a Spa Day on Us

(Vinod Mehra) #463

HI - I am Vinod Mehra currently resident in Dubai. My professional journey comprise over 2.5 decades of technology sales experience in the GCC countries.

  1. Director and Founder @ Neev Consultancy
  2. Board Adviser
  3. President SmartLife – NGO
  4. 25 years of Technology Experience in GCC
  5. Cloud and Social Selling – Advocate
  6. An Avid Toastmasters
  7. Written over 800 plus Blogs

(Cheryl Park) #464

Hi everyone, I am a Brit working in Australia for the Kiwis (I have a very confused accent!).

I organise customer activities for Kiwi companies who are exporting to Australia. The events are usually quite niche with key note speakers/seminars/workshops/networking. They are primarily for providing information about the market/industry/new opportunities, and making connections which lead to deals.

I am always interested in ideas to make these more interactive and impactful. Fun is optional :slight_smile:

(Daniel Ralph) #465

Hi I’m new here so thought I’d introduce myself my name is Daniel and I organise luxury driving tours and lifestyle events for exotic and prestige car owners and have been doing so for the last 3 and a half years, I look forward to getting know some of you a bit more.

(Nick Lawson) #466

Great to have you here Cheryl. Whereabouts in Australia are you based? We’re opening up some regional categories for the region soon so will keep you posted on this!

(Nick Lawson) #467

Welcome Daniel. Sounds very interesting - whereabouts to most your tours take place?

(Dan Marson) #468

Hi all! New here so wanted to introduce! I’m Dan and I work for LiveBuzz providing Event Services to organisers and exhibitors. Registration, Onsite badging solutions, Event Staffing and Event Websites!

(Daniel Ralph) #469

Thank you there’s certainly never a dull day most of our tours as present take place throughout Mainland Europe and the UK though we have plans for growth into new territories

(Helen Jones) #470

Hi everyone, good to be part of the community! I’ve been in the events business for 15 years, delivering conferences and exhibitions all over the world. I started my career in logistics and worked my way up to manage a team of 12 for a small events company in London. Logistics is my specialist area and my favourite part of the job is watching it all come together on the day. After going on a maternity break I’m now looking for freelance opportunities for on-site support and project work, would love to connect with any other freelancers to welcome any ideas on how to get into the market.

(Cheryl Park) #471

Thanks Nick - I’m based in Sydney, and we have offices in Melbourne and Brisbane. We have also held events in Perth and am about to organise one for Canberra. Keep me posted!

(Ellen Betts) #472


I am new to Eventtribe and Eventbrite.

My NHS colleagues have told me that they use Eventbrite to create appointment schedules for staff to book onto but I can’t see how this can be done.

Am I missing something?

Thank you in advance for your help.


(Georgie Oldfield) #474

Hi, I’m working on this event.

All feedback welcome. Thanks!

(Belinda Booker) #475

@nick_lawson can you help Ellen out with this?
@EllenBear maybe you could share a link showing an example of how your colleagues are currently using Eventbrite?

(Belinda Booker) #476

Love your website! It’s really engaging and clear. Is it based on a template or bespoke?

(Nick Lawson) #477

Thanks @Belinda_Booker

Hey @EllenBear does this help at all:

(Jason O'Callaghan) #478

Hi, I run a unique company which offers seminars around the world on mental health, increasing sales using psychology, networking and team building using the power of unconscious mind plus entertainment show using hypnosis and mentalism.

We are based in Europe but travel worldwide. Would love to make some new events companies and event organizer contacts


(Nick Lawson) #479

Hi Jason, sounds like very interesting work. Great to have you here

(Trese Henderson) #480

Hello! Event organizing is one of my greatest passions. Aside from planning and styling, business development and marketing are what’s keeping me busy these days. And since I’m often so caught up in working, I forget to socialize. This community fuses the two for me! Definitely interested in meeting lots of professionals, learning and sharing experiences.