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(Nyokabi ) #481

Hi, my name is Nyokabi, I own and run Vantage Corporate Event Management in Nairobi, Kenya since November 2016.
I’m working on 2 conferences and a 10km road race. Biggest challenge for all 3 events is sponsorship/fundraising. All these events are happening long after most corporate sponsors have closed or locked down budgets (conferences are in October and November and road race is in October). Would LOVE pointers on how to get sponsorship in this situation.

I think this community will be a good place to share ideas and also vent :blush:

(Daniella Kuner) #482

Hi Everyone!
I started my career in the wine industry and after 15 years I decided to make a change by moving into the events industry. I have spent most of my time working on consumer events however since going on my own earlier this year I have been gaining agency and B2B experience which has been great. In June I took the leap to go freelance and am loving my decision. My skills sets are Negotiation, Sales, Key Account Management, Logistics and Business Development. Currently I am working on Cisco Live & Avex International.
A few of the shows I have had the great fortune of working on are:

  • Taste Festivals South Africa (Cape Town, JHB & Durban)
  • Yorkshire Festival Of Cycling (Festival for ceremonial start of the TDF)
  • Keswick Mountain Festival
  • London Classic Car Show

Looking forward to sharing & connecting with you all!

(Nick Lawson) #483

Great to have you here guys @DaniellaKuner @Nyokabi @thisistrese

@Nyokabi perhaps we should have a category specifically for venting? :slight_smile:

(Nyokabi ) #484


(Ana Maria Nietzen) #485

Hi everyone, my name is Ana Maria. I’m from Colombia - soon to be living and working in the UK.
I have managed a few NGOs in South America (Peru and Colombia), and I´m interested in applying my skills to events management in the UK and Europe.
Looking for advice regarding short courses to get a taste for the industry over here.
Any help really welcome, and I look forward to sharing my experiences on here.
Thank you!

(Lindsey Hoyle) #486

I am working on two different events; organising and running a community sports event which spans the London area and I am also a Director of a B2B event in the Housewares sector. In my time I have designed, organised and run plenty of stands at trade shows both in the UK and abroad. I am hoping to learn from my fellow event organisers as well as sharing my own experiences to help others.

(F Brown) #487

Hello everyone!

Thank you to Evenbrite for putting this community together, and for my first chatbot experience. It was actually a fun way to get used to the interface.

I am the founder of Big Ideas Tiny Spaces. We are an extremely new start up, still finding our feet but looking forward to hosting events to support people wanting to convert vans into campervans, and one fine day (maybe Spring 2019) a weekend festival with workshops, camping and self-builds to nose around.

Would really like to hear from anyone who has started hosting these sort of niche events from the ground up, or who loves campervans and has an idea of what you would like to see.

Glad to ‘meet’ everyone.

(Nick Lawson) #488

Awesome to have you here, and glad you like the chatbot - it’s a new feature we’ve been trialling.

What an interesting startup! When’s your first event?

I’m sure you’ll find plenty of niche event organisers on here. I’ve actually been thinking that we should maybe start some sort of directory to help people connect with organisers in similar fields.

(Nick Lawson) #489

Hey @anietzen welcome from London :slight_smile:

There may be some useful info for you on this thread here. If you’re looking for something more specific just ask!

Great to have you here

(Nick Lawson) #490

Great to have you here Lindsey - what’s the name of the sports event you’re running?

(Lindsey Hoyle) #491

Hi Nick, it is called Super Saturday of Sport, Lindsey

(Georgie Oldfield) #492

It’s bespoke, thanks!

(F Brown) #493

Hello Nick,

Haven’t quite set the date for the first event. Right now we are working to get some of the initial structural pieces of the business in place, as well as customer discovery, really get some high quality online articles out and other activities to build a ‘minimum viable audience’. Loosely considering later this year. Like your idea of a directory!

(Miss lisa lauder) #494

Hi All,

I’m Lisa, I work for Roulette Media.
I’m currently working on Chuff Fest 17, which is a music festival, ( It is only a one day event this year, on the 1st October, at The Astor Theatre, Deal, Kent. It’s a celebration of Rock & Blues headlining Will Johns & Friends, with ten other performances made up from established acts and up and coming musical talent. This is also fully interactive, as it is combined with the award winning internet radio show UYC Experience, so is on several platforms, radio, live streaming, Facebook, twitter and text, So logistics is challenging :slight_smile: but I am always up for a challenge! this is why I enjoy events management.
I look forward to hearing all about your work and 'challenges’

(Belinda Booker) #495

Hey, welcome Lisa. Sounds interesting. Have you worked on it before? How many viewers are you expecting via the livestream? How will you be encouraging the interaction on social media/text?

(Paul Heil) #496

Hey guys! Happy to have stumbled upon this! Looking forward to connect with you all!

(Malcolm Duckett) #497

Hi all,

Director for Quest Festival Vietnam, Vietnam’s first and largest multi-day music festival.

Also Country Head for PouchNATION, which specializes in NFC solutions for events and venues, as well as brand activation and data analytics.

Excited to connect with other industry professionals, and particularly interested in building regional collaborations.

Quest Festival is a collaborative effort and a platform for emerging artists in Vietnam and South East Asia. We love to work with other organizers and entities in S.E.A to help provide platforms for up and coming alternative acts.

(Graeme Wilson) #498

Hi everyone,

I’m relatively new to event marketing, but have been helping a client market his national and international courses via web, email, and social media, and now looking at using the services of Eventbrite. Have already had good conversations and great advice with Tyler and Kate from Eventbrite Australia and New Zealand.


(Miss lisa lauder) #499

Hi Belinda, thanks for the interest.
Gosh you fire some rapid questions. Yes I organised last years Chuff 22 bands over 2 days, massive fun, and already working on next years. The live streaming is new this year, I cannot give expected numbers, but I’m confident it will be well attended, as we already use Facebook to interact during the weekly radio show. Another part of Roulette Media already live streams so the infrastructure is there. Encouraging social media is a tough one, as the Facebook site chatter, is almost like a bar room, the ambiance is not always to everyone’s taste, it depends on which characters are typing the most. It is certainly and interesting study in human interaction. The best tools for us to expand our listeners/social media reach is to cross pollinate as much as we can, and we are structured to do so through all the Roulette family.
What are you up to? Any good projects on the go?
Have a great weekend. Lisa

(Belinda Booker) #500

Sorry Lisa, that’s the journalist in me :flushed: I write about events rather than organise them, so I’m always interested to hear about what’s happening at the coal face. It’ll be great to hear how you get on and any lessons that other organisers can learn from!