Introduce yourself to the EventTribe community!


(Richard Millington) #562

Hey everyone, thought I’d drop in and say hello too instead of just lurking here.

I’ve run events in the community management space in the last few years and I’m looking forward to learning great ideas from you all.

(Melissa Saunders) #563

Hi Richard, great to have you on board! What kind of events have you organised within that space?

(Shelley Ama Appiah) #564

Hi everyone,

I am just starting out in the events industry, in addition to my day job. I specialise in intimate social events (in London) like private dining, birthdays, baby & bridal showers, wedding anniversaries and christenings etc.

Can anyone offer advice on the legal/contract/insurance side of events please?

My main query is whether the event planner should be named on vendor invoices/contracts? Or if the client of the event planner should be listed on the contract/booking forms instead?

Also what qualifications and/or accreditations do event planners need, in order to get commission from vendors?
I’m working on an event at the moment, and two hotel venues I have contacted said that I require either a TID number or IATA, in order to get an 8% commission from them.


(Melissa Saunders) #565

Hi Shelley, welcome to EventTribe. Lovely to have you on board. Exciting times for you then! I’m not a legal expert so hoping someone else can help you with that but generally when I work for clients (on the marketing side) I ask any other contractors I’m using such as printers, designers, media agencies etc. to invoice the client direct. I could I suppose get them to bill me and charge the client a commission but haven’t gone down that road yet.

Best of luck though and do post when you come across new challenges so we can all try to assist!

Best wishes

(Shelley Ama Appiah) #566

Many thanks Melissa! That sounds about right. I read an article that said something similar but there isn’t much info online about this specific topic.

You mentioned that potentially charging the client a commission for handling the payments on their behalf was an option. What is the rationale for charging them a commission for doing this? Also what % of commission would you charge them for this?


(Melissa Saunders) #567

Hi Shelley, charging a client a management fee would depend on the scope of your original agreement with them. If I was pitching for a marketing role I would normally itemise this and include management of agencies as part of my proposal rather than as a separate thing. It’s a big part of the job but I can’t really do my job without doing that. I’ve included it so the client sees that as part of what they’re getting from me in exchange for my fee. However, if they gave me a brief where this wasn’t included I’d discuss that with them and maybe offer t handle it for a 10% management fee if they were engaging me for other services as well. If they wanted me to just do that or primarily that I’d estimate the number of hours required and quote a price for that many hours with a rate for additional hours. Each client I’ve worked with has done things slightly differently so I don’t think there are hard and fast rules. I negotiate hard on supplier quotes so the client would still be getting a good deal without the hassle of having to manage the agencies themselves which can cost them more especially if they’re inexperienced and briefing isn’t great.
Hope that helps!

(Shelley Ama Appiah) #568

Ok thanks Melissa. I plan to charge a flat management fee to handle all services, plus 15-20% commission for the entire event cost, but this may vary on job by job basis. I will ask my clients to pay vendors directly but charge extra if they would prefer me to handle payments.


(Melissa Saunders) #569

Sounds fair. Let us know how you get on and all the best!

(Clemence) #570

Hi All,

I’m Clémence and I’m a digital marketing assistant for Evvnt company which is specialized in promoting events.
The goal of Evvnt is very simple, enables people all over the world to fill their events utilising the most effective event listing sites on the web. Every minute, with little more than a click, more events and conferences appear in listings, in search engines and on mobile – discoverable by both category and location.

With next to no effort customers of Evvnt get better attendance, while consumers find events they previously had no idea existed. To date customers in 70 countries worldwide have submitted over 1.5 million event listings, created over 1m live links, and generated 1.5 million clicks to ticketing and registration pages.

I am very happy to belong of your community and I would be happy to talk to you.


(Brea) #571

Hi Everyone,

I’m Brea, i have just recently been hired and given a chance to start out in the events industry. I specialise in corporate events for the recruitment company i work for in central london.

I’m just here to better understand events, build my knowledge and get help or ideas when needed…or even give ideas or information when needed.

Glad to be here :slight_smile:

(Melissa Saunders) #572

Welcome @Brea-Penna! Congratulations on the new role! Please don’t hold back on giving us the benefit of your knowledge and experience when you see a post you can comment on as well as posting your own burning questions. Best of luck with everything.

(Belinda Booker) #573

Hey Brea, we have a number of members working in recruitment industry events such as @oscarmager @victoria @ashbarry and @LouiseTriance so you can give them a shout if you need any advice!

(Brenna Clarine) #574

Hi, I’m Brenna Clarine, blogger at event marketing and video production company, Valoso. I hope to add value to this community as I share my insights from blogging about event marketing, event video production, and more :slight_smile:

(Melissa Saunders) #575

Hi Brenna, great to have you on board! What’s your biggest challenge at the moment?

(Brenna Clarine) #576

Valoso is trying to get more clients on board. How do we convince event organizers that video production is right for their marketing strategy?

(Marc Grewenig) #577


I’m co-founder of eventbaxx. As a former event manager i now try to help event organizers around the globe using the power of digitization in terms of sustainability and empower their partners & sponsors.

Looking forward to have great discussions.


(Belinda Booker) #578

I’d maybe focus on the success you’ve had with past clients and create some video case studies to show what results are possible. Do you have any stats, facts and figures to share?

(Belinda Booker) #579

Hey Marc, great idea to offer a digital goody bag! The fact that you can track the engagement recipients have with the content is a real benefit to exhibitors/sponsors.

(Marc Grewenig) #580

Thank you, Belinda.

(Nirav Vasa) #581

Hello everyone :wave: .

I’m Nirav Vasa, co-founder at an early stage tech startup eventraft. We are working with small and mid-sized conference / event organizer enabling branded event app platform at an affordable price. I hope to add value, share insights, experiences and gain inputs from this community while we are in our building stage.

We are looking out for early adopters :rocket: and any inputs would be awesome.