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(Rajmith) #582

HY All I am just join this community,Anyone suggest me how event is to be created.My self i am working in Website Designing Company.So how can i create a event for this agency.

(Melissa Saunders) #583

Hi @rajmith Thanks for joining us. What kind of event do you want to create? What do you want to achieve with the event? Do you mean for a client/your clients or a teambuilding event for the agency staff?

(Melissa Saunders) #584

Hi Nirav, welcome to the Tribe! Great to have you on board. Sounds like an exciting and challenging time for you at the moment. We would definitely love you to share your insights and experiences with members on here. Please don’t hold back in commenting on here… event tech comes up a lot and we would love to get your thoughts on the topics of the day!
Best, Melissa

(Anita Macdonald) #586

Hello there

I’m currently working on a variety of international academic conferences (as in sourcing venues in Cambridge for them to use; University and non non University). Apart from availability being a big challenge, something that has cropped up is the use of e-posters. Has anyone any experience of using e-posters? Do they work well or is good old hard paper copy a better format? Would love to hear what people think

(Hélio Vogas) #587

From a speaker’s point of view, I love when the audience is on twitter during my presentation (although I don’t actually encourage or discourage) because they can give great reviews/photos this way :slight_smile: For instance, I wouldn’t have this cool photos/reviews if someone haven’t twitted about it:

If people are on their phones checking their emails, etc… it’s my fault, not theirs, so that’s also a great feedback source on which parts of my speech I need to work on (btw, I’m a bit crazy so I normally record my presentations from 2 cameras so I have an audience shot and a shot of me to be able to compare them together)

(Stavros Kalfas) #588

Hi everyone, so happy to find a community like this! I am working on a platform for introducers called Totterme and our target audience are event planners among others. I have identified some people that may be interested and I will be reaching out or engaging on the appropriate threads. Happy to be here, will try to contribute in any way I can. Best vibes to the tribe!

(Melissa Saunders) #589

Hi Stav, great to have you on board and I look forward to reading your thoughts on the various discussions that come up. Don’t forget to post your own questions on here and we’ll do our best to assist!

(Belinda Booker) #590

Hey Anita, good question. Can I suggest you post it as a new thread in the event promotion category? I think you’ll get more answers there.

(Alexandre Azevedo Mariot) #591

Hello, everyone!

I’m Alex from Brazil! I’m owner of a small consulting company and we are organizing events that aim to accelerate the pace of adoption of new technologies (Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Drones, IoT, etc…) doing partnerships with startups that develop these technologies. We’ve held our first event (Augmented Reality) last week and it was really awesome!

However, we still have to work our Cost and Revenue assumptions in order to make our events viable.

Hence, I really want to learn from your experiences about how did you deal with these issues: ways of reducing advertisement costs (being more effective), improving revenue streams (maybe negotiating some partnerships) and so on…

I hope I can learn from your cases as well as add some value for this group too! :slight_smile:

Best regards,


(Kelly Taylor ) #592

Hi Everyone!

I have just discovered this forum and I have seen lots of interesting conversations going on between event professionals so I thought I would join. I would really appreciate some career advice from those with vast events experience.

I may possibly be in the minority within this group as I work for charity and a small one at that. My role requires me to undertake many different activities which, unfortunately, do not involve organising events, in fact, I do not actually get the opportunity to organise many events (something I would love to change).

Due to this, my event organising experience is somewhat lacking. I am no able to obtain new roles because of this and with the current structure of the organisation I work for, I very much doubt I will be able to organise a great number of events if any at all.

I’m asking myself “how do I get more experience” and to be perfectly honest, I’m a little stuck. I am therefore wondering if anyone has any advice/tips?

At my age, I suppose it would be expected for me to have a greater amount of event planning experience, but unfortunately, things haven’t quite panned out that way. Any advice would be really appreciated!

Thank you!

(Melissa Saunders) #593

Hi Alexandre, welcome to EventTribe! Thanks for joining us and I look forward to reading your contributions on here.

I’m delighted to hear that your first event went well. I’m very interested to see how quickly the events industry takes on these new technologies. Was your event a roadshow? If you can tell us a bit more about the format of the event perhaps our members can start assisting with the cost efficiencies.
Best wishes
Melissa (moderator)

(Melissa Saunders) #594

Hi Kelly, thanks for joining EventTribe. Lovely to have you on board but sorry to read that you’re a little frustrated in your current role. We do have quite a few members who work in charities and if you’re happy for me to do so I’d like to put your question about getting more experience in a separate post. Is that OK?

(Kelly Taylor ) #595

Hi Melissa,
If you wouldn’t mind putting my question in a separate post that would be great! Thank you very much.

Kindest regards,


(Alexandre Azevedo Mariot) #596

Hi, Melissa. Thanks for your interest.

Well, it was a 3-hour event, considering different moments that aimed at presenting the technology through 5 different lenses:

  1. Concepts and Functioning
  2. Applications
  3. Step-by-step using an AR app
  4. Case
  5. Experience

Revenue stream considered only tickets sales (I’m thinking about negotiating some sponsorship - if someone has any thoughts on that, it would help me a lot)

Cost structure considered mainly the room rental (3 hour) and advertsement costs (which I believe we might reduce, considering acquiring some of first event attendees for free).


(Mark) #597

Hello, Iam delighted to be part of this community.Iam an Event Manager for a company called Xpose Limited.Currently working on developing a concept of an event that will provide a truly experiental encounter for the attendees and making a rewarding R.O.I for the sponsors.

(Belinda Booker) #598

That sounds really interesting Mark. Care to share any details? :smiley:

(Perry) #599

Hi, I run a series of free entrepreneurial learning events in Melboune, Australia, called the Masters Series by WeTeachMe, where we invite the best and the brightest, the industry movers and shakers, the well-known and influential members of the world of entrepreneurs to share their learnings and experiences in an unwavering effort to help those who are in constant search to find the answers.

We have recently announced the Announcing the new 2018 events at Masters Series by WeTeachMe of free learning events at Masters Series by WeTeachMe. The new series will start in January 2018, it’s a 6-month long syllabus of entrepreneurial education designed for startup businesses, aspiring founders, and the general populace, happening on Wednesdays every week.

It is great to be part of this tribe and I’m looking forward to learning from other professionals.

(Timothy Blair) #600

Hello, I am Timothy…
I have always been interesting is event planning and over the years, have been doing little things… I starting planning when I was a youth leader at my church, I planned workshops for my youth club and was a volunteer at some local non-profits…
I also did some training and got to work on a few film sets, which was really awesome and I fell in love all over again…

So, right now I am pursuing my certification and I am planning my first Photo and Film Expo for Nov 2018 and I have 9 months to put it all together… and I will need as much help I can get to make it successful…

I am also a Creative Designer and beginner photographer… I am looking forward to great things in 2018…


(Tope Chiedozie) #601

Hi there my name is Tope Chiedozie I run a LIVE Q+A platform called: THE SITDOWN

The Sitdown is a live Q+A event, where we sit down and interview special guests to share their life stories in a bid to empower and inspire others around them.

I joined as I was recommended by a friend and thought it would be great to learn from other event organisors,sometimes you can think you know it all but I want to learn more from those around me in this area.

Im currently working on my 4th instalment of the event and want to learn more about:

-Pre and post event marketing strategies
-Tools to enhance exclusivity
-General info about how to create a better experience each time.

Excited and glad to have found this platform.

(Melissa Saunders) #602

Hi Tope
Welcome to EventTribe and Happy New Year! The Sitdown sounds great. I will check it out. How do you source your speakers?
I think post event strategies are really important and often over looked. I’d like to explore in that in a separate post if that’s OK?
Best wishes