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Resourcing/getting affordable help

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Always tricky as your business grows.

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My name is Nicola and I create events that are seminars and discussions focused on promoting the businesses we feature. Think - fireside chats for ethical businesses.

The events are based in London and I have tested the event throughout 2017. We are now rolling them out. We are currently looking at launching our first 2018 event on 19th April.

Our goal is to attract and engage with as many Journalists and Influencers as possible.

I look forward to learning more and sharing my experiences.


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Hello all,

My first introduction was marked as spam…most likely reason: when I mentioned what I was working on, I included the link to the site. It wasn’t my intention to spam anyone; since having spent time on and/or moderating discussion boards since 1994 I’ve been an ardent “anti-spam” crusader.

Funny thing is, because the site has gone live and I’m in full “marketing mode,” all my sentences (EVEN IN REAL LIFE!) might sound like advertising. I can understand the Bill Hicks bit about marketing/advertising a lot more now (will not post it here, as I’d almost certainly get kicked out :wink: ).

Anyway, I’m a Toronto-based promoter and website creator…and one of the challenges I am facing, as I mentioned above, is having people believe I’m a real person when I’m online. I would love to know how promoters here work around the fact that, because they are always promoting, not everything they say “needs” to be an advertisement.

Hope that’s better, and Have a Great Day!

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Hi Nicola, thanks for joining us and great to have you on board. Love the fireside chats concept. How have you persuaded journalists/influencers to come along?

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Hi Sachin, welcome aboard and thanks for revising your intro. Delighted to have you join us but please no spamming! :grinning:

“Not everything… needs to be an advertisement” is something I tell clients all the time. A lot of organisers put out “buy tickets” messages all the time but I recommend focussing on giving people solid reasons to attend first. This can be content, what learnings they can take away with them, the experience you’re offering, who else is going to be there etc. Yes signpost your call to action but you have to persuade people that they want to come in before they’ll look for the door!

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Hi everyone,
I’ve been on all sides of events for the last 12 years and now I am assisting companies and planners such as yourselves with venue and hotel selection and sourcing. If you find this task too time consuming and want to just focus on the fun bits, get in touch :))
I am part of HelmsBriscoe - the global leader in hotel and venue procurement.

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Welcome Weronika! Thanks for joining us. What is the biggest challenge your clients are currently facing?

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Hi Everyone!
An EventTribe newbie here!

My name’s Rose, I’m currently in my final year at the University of Greenwich studying a BA in Event Management. I am also a Creative Producer for a London based event company.

I joined EventTribe in the hopes of networking and also with help with my primary research for my dissertation. It’s a project surrounding social media influencers in B2C events. I think we can all agree that social media influencers have taken over.
I’m looking for participants to be interviewed, these would be people, brands, companies that use social media influencers in their B2C events within the last 12 months.
If you think this is something you’d be interested in then please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thanks you for be so welcoming

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Hi everyone!

We are an Event Crewing company and Social Enterprise funding and running projects to help people who have experienced homelessness get back to work. We build over 100 temporary stages and bespoke sets each week, from the Chelsea Flower Show to Harry Potter West End, Emirates Stadium, Lambeth Country Show and bespoke private parties. Our set builders built the wooden model of 1666 London that was burnt on the Thames!

We have been doing this for 14 years and we are currently working together with homeless charities and employers to create a nationally recognised framework of what we can define as ‘work ready’ and therefore facilitating referrals to match the right work opportunities.

Our challenge right now - or rather mine as Talent Manager - is finding the quality of crew we desire. We only believe in doing our very best and wish to continue providing excellent crewing services to our clients. We of course welcome any enquiries should you need crew for your event - and if you could direct any fit and motivated people our way to help us build these fabulous events then that would be fabulous.

Oh, and we are launching our Co-working space in Brixton next week. Desk space available for local/community based/similar minded people. It’s called ‘Canvas’.

Thank you!

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Hi there! I am a part of a 360 events agency based in Dorset! Looking for personal development ideas, specifically for the events industry. I already have 10+ years experience, plus a degree in marketing and events, however, every day is a school day!! :slight_smile:

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Great to have you on board Liz. I didn’t know about the social enterprise side of things. You can post details of any vacancies in our Event Jobs section here:

Best of luck with Canvas!

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Thank you – have done so – will enter a thread on Canvas too!

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Hey everyone!

I am an Events Director for XY Planning Network. We are the leading organization of fee-only financial advisors who specialize in working with Gen X and Gen Y clients. We support and encourage financial advisors who want to start their own firm to serve their ideal clients and niche — as well as advisors who have already started their own financial planning firms.

I am the only person running events for my company, so I’m joining this platform to have a community who knows my world, to bounce ideas off of others, and to find help when I’m struggling with new ideas or answers. I’m currently planning three events, with two of those being first-time events for the company.

I’m looking forward to working with everyone!

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Hi Tori, thanks for joining us and delighted we can support you as the sole events person for your organisation. What are you finding the most challenging at the moment?

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Hi Everyone!

I’m Kisha and I design Tiny Caps for Tiny chaps or vintage-inspired newsboy hats for kids and men. I’m planning a series of Dapper Dad Meet Ups for my brand, Junior Baby Hatter, so new dads have time to hang out and talk, connect with a support group, and learn how to use fashion and grooming as a tools to be confident, stay relevant and express themselves.

My biggest challenge in planning offline events is getting people to show up :slight_smile: I’m trying to figure out a pricing strategy and activities that encourages participation and not just RSVP’s. If anyone has done successful small events with good attendance, please let me know your secrets.

Thanks for your help!

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@Bitanges Hey Mark, what’s the latest with your new event concept? Did you get it off the ground? Let us know!

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Hi Kisha, great to have you here! Was just reading your post and thought of this topic which might be helpful for you:

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Hi Markisha, loving the Dapper Dad Meet Ups concept and it’s really great to have you join us on here. Are you doing goody bags? Maybe including something low cost but exclusive such as limited edition bib? Or offer free morning coffee & pastry on arrival so they’re already in the mind set of arriving, grabbing their coffee and finding somewhere to sit? Or perhaps hold the events where men like to congregate such as sporting venue, gym, etc. Let us know how you get on!

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Thanks, Nick! This is a great thread. Love all the ideas and definitely looks like I need to clearly communicate all that’s included with the event if I charge in advance.