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Thanks, Melissa! Coffee is definitely a must for tired dads :slight_smile: I like the idea of swag bags. Hopefully I can host a series of meet ups and the next can be located at a more masculine hangout spot like a bar or barber shop.

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Hi Everyone. I live in beautiful North Devon, surrounded by stunning beaches and the enchanting moors. It is quite a sedate way of life here, but absolutely love it. I work for the Royal Horticultural Society as an events Coordinator at one of their gardens. We have a very busy but diverse range of events happening all year round. The society is a charity that want to `enrich everyone’s life through plants and make the UK a greener more beautiful place’. To do this they have had to be more innovative in how they raise funds, hence a strong focus on events. The job is very challenging as we have to focus on organising several events side by side, as well as preparing for events up to 2 years in advance. As well as doing my job full time, I am also studying for a Masters Degree in International Hospitality Management as a long distant university student. I am about to embark on research for my final year and am looking for a really good events issue that I can use for the dissertation. If you have any ideas on what you believe is an issue in the events industry all thoughts will be greatly received. Oh, and I do tend to gabble on a lot. Look forward to reading what other like mined people are talking about or involved in :slight_smile:

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Hi @Caz, lovely to have you on board. Your location sounds stunning and what a lovely job. Not sure how you’re packing all that in but sounds really great.

With regard to your dissertation I would always recommend writing about something you’ve experienced yourself wherever possible. Discussions around element s of event promotion are generally well received on here and event tech developments are happening every day so there is always source material.

Hope that’s helpful. Do post with any questions you may have on whatever subject you choose (or re any challenges in your day to day job) and we will do our best to help. Good luck!

(Katie Whyte) #711

Hi Everyone!

I’m Katie, I’m in Edinburgh, Scotland and I’ve been in events for 17 years in various roles. I’ve worked in tourism and business events, wedding and party planning, corporate hospitality, financial services and now professional services for the law firm CMS.

I’m currently working on a season of seminars and webinars for our clients as well as some bespoke annual and one off events for staff and for clients.

No real challenges at the moment except scaling Mt. Inbox which is currently overflowing after trying to manage on a VPN connection since last Wednesday!

Looking forward to being part of the community.


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Hi Katie, welcome to the Tribe! Sounds like you’ve got your work cut out for you. Are you managing the events or promoting them or both?

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Hello Nick and Everyone,

I’m Julia. For Martial Arts Dance Events I’m (Laoshi Ju Chinese) translation. I’m European and multi-cultural professional organiser. Master Degree. Based in London. Who loves Events. Professionals. Friendly atmosphere. Life in Motion. Positive.

Also I’m organiser of Intellectual Boards Games Events, Creative Events.

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Hi everyone,

My name is Carolina Kelleher, I am a freelance conference producer/manager with 10+ years experience in end-to-end conference production for FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 large scale conferences, confex, events, round tables and client meetings (both launch events and existing portfolios).

Please get in touch if you need any assistance on any of your current projects.



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Hi Carolina, welcome to EventTribe! Great to have you join us. What is the biggest challenge you’re facing in the world of conferencing at the moment?

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Hi All,

I own and operate a couple of event infrastructure supply businesses. ( and I love and specialise in working on all manner of outdoor events from music festivals, food festivals, running events and everything in between.

We have just come off the back of supplying some skilled staging labour to the Vitality Big Half in Greenwich last weekend and are back down in London (Barking) for an event this weekend.

I’m Looking forward to contributing to this community and learning from all of your experiences too!

(Gary Mc Cord) #718

Hi, I am new to this whole event planning experience and I am looking for some advice.

I stay in Glasgow, Scotland, and I am trying to start up a pop up market like Cheeki Monkeys or a Baby and Children’s Market | Nearly New Sales, these are both franchises but there are none in Glasgow, loads in England.

My problem comes when trying to ask the council for information on what licence I should get ie a Market Traders Licence or Street Traders Licence. I would only be doing one event a month at most but I would like to be able to use different venues in different parts of the city.

The two companies I mentioned before don’t know how to get things sorted in Scotland as there are less restrictions on markets in England, they just say contact your local council. I have and the council have been entirely useless, if it is not on their website they won’t answer questions unless I have applied for a licence but I don’t know which licence to get

I’m going round in circles and getting knowhere.

If anyone can help it would be very much appreciated.


(Melissa Saunders) #719

Hi Gary, welcome to EventTribe! So sorry to read that you’re going around in circles on this. @Lisa_Devlin @simon are you able to help with this at all please?



My name is Sarika Sareen and I am a freelance Conference Producer/Manager with 10+ years experience in the industry. I have worked in different industries(Pharma/ Maritime, Utilities, Telecom , IT) and have dealt in launch events as well as annual events .

In case someone needs a conference producer please do get in touch. Looking forward to contributing and learning from others.

(Melissa Saunders) #721

Hi Sarika,
Many thanks for joining EventTribe. Have you always freelanced or is that a recent thing?

(Gary Mc Cord) #722

Thanks Melissa, any help would be great.


Hi Melissa

I have been running my own conference organising company for last 9 years and took a short gap period of 6-7 months. After the gap, I am more keen on pursuing conference production. I have been producing agendas for years though. From Jan this year, I took up two freelance projects, one already completed and the second one almost complete.

(Melissa Saunders) #724

Great stuff Sarika. What do you find is the biggest challenge in conferencing at the moment?


In my experience and opinion, the right people…

(Belinda Booker) #726

The NMTF (National Market Traders Federation) should be able to help you. I’ve been in touch with them recently and they’re super helpful!
You can contact them here:
01226 749021

(Melissa Saunders) #727

Well done @Belinda_Booker!