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Thank you Belinda, I will give them a try.

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(Daniel Rush) #733

My passion is for producing and distributing live concert events to the mainstream through PAYPERVIEW and Closed CIRCUIT Distribution along with Live streaming for the festival/ music/culture space - sometimes hosting, frequently attending and talking about them!
We are currently distributing the Pre World Cup Soccer Matches Peru vs Croatia March 23, 2018 8PM ET and Peru vs Iceland March 27, 2018 8PM ET

Some of our challenges have been introducing this revolving residual revenue generating machine to promoters/investors/and sponsors.

Fortunately, this segues neatly with my role for PPV Live Events, LLC, where I am working to make our site as helpful as it can be for our upcoming festival, arts and music organizers. Looking forward to hearing what other event professionals are working on.

(Melissa Saunders) #734

Hi Daniel, thanks for joining us. With regard to the challenge you mentioned… do they just struggle to see the benefit or have other priorities/not want to get into that?

On a separate note I would love to get your thoughts re the impact of 5G on this thread: How will 5G transform events?

(Yasmin Anang) #735


I’m a student/ event planner. I’m from London and I’m currently working on putting on a fashion show (I know! Big event), I am currently looking for sponsors but I don’t know how to go about it or how to contact them.

(Belinda Booker) #736

Welcome @yasmin_anang we’ve got some great content on finding a sponsor. Check out the Ask Me Anything session we did recently with Adam Parry from Event Tech Live: SPONSORSHIP WEEK: Ask Event Tech Live’s Adam Parry anything!
Hope that should give you some ideas.

(Melissa Saunders) #737

Hi Yasmin, welcome to EventTribe. As well as the great sponsorship week content flagged by @Belinda_Booker you might find this Eventbrite blog helpful:
Let us know how you get on and do post about any other challenges you face on this project. Best of luck!

(Jermaine Michael Telfer) #738


My Name is Jermaine, but feel free to call me Jay. I’m a newbie to the industry who is very keen to learn. It’s reassuring to find a community of individuals willing to assist as I begin my new career. At the moment I’m deliberating over various Marketing strategies for my company brand. I’m excited, full of enthusiasm and ideas :+1:t4:

(Melissa Saunders) #739

Hi Jermaine, welcome to EventTribe. Great to have you join us at such an exciting time for you. Feel free to post about any challenges you come across as your company gets going. What kind of events are you hoping to organise?

(Nicolenstia B Duré) #740

good Morning, everyone, I am Nicolenstia Bateau, I am from Haiti I am planning a retreat for young girls in July in Hinche Haiti, I hope to cover a few subjects in five days. the objectives are especially to contribute to help the victim of rape and any kind of sexual harassment. the issue is i wish to do this so no girl have to pay to participate, but the cost of everything is killing around i am thinking of planning a conference to debate about violence of all kind in which i will invite some successful women in and have a real talk and invite them to contribute into changing the game,
i can seem to find a better way to raise the money for the project

(Belinda Booker) #741

Hi Nicolenstia, that sounds like a great initiative. Given whats happened, this sounds like something Oxfam should be funding… although I’ve read they might be declared persona non grata. Perhaps there is another organisation you could approach for sponsorship - Amnesty International?

(Nicolenstia B Duré) #742

thank you, Belinda, here to contact an organisation you need someone inside of this organisation to know you.
i will also need a few volunteer, my dear, I am stressed by this

(Melissa Saunders) #743

Hi Nicolenstia, many thanks for joining us on EventTribe. Wow, you have quite a challenge on your hands. I don’t know Haita at all but would it be possible to get the events sponsored if not with money then with contributions from organisations e.g. use of a venue, provision of catering, writing materials, transport? Are there any other organisations in the area that could assist you with funding this project?

(Nicolenstia B Duré) #744

thank you Melissa for welcoming me,i wish I could find an organisation to help me but so far everyone you contact for help never comes back to you , because they only do follow up if they now you

(Ellie Wiles) #745

My name is Ellie and I am a recent Events Graduate, now working with my University in Sheffield as an intern to help them plan their academic events for Higher and Degree Apprenticeships.
I am not currently working on anything as I am trying to find a job that will let me use the skills I have and develop new ones, but not having much luck at the moment.
I am also looking into maybe going freelance or starting up my own business to run experiential events in the UK, and hopefully in the future, worldwide!
Currently looking for advice for breaking into the events industry and any information about starting out as freelance, then starting up your own business.

Thanks for reading!!

(Briche Events) #746

Hi everyone. We’re a full service marketing agency and corporate events is one of our services in Nairobi, Kenya.

(Cheryl Lewis) #747

Hello, my name is Cheryl Lewis I am in the process of re-inventing myself as a community category event planner.I set up a School Reunion group last year on social media and have had incredible success with it I have to this date 1000 members and still growing steadily. Last November I hosted and planned solely “THE REUNION” which I blogged and advertised as a big build up to the countdown I organized the venue which was given free for the night as a favour by my friend who was the proprietor of the very popular Nightclub.The school reunion was a themed 80s glow party with black backlights I organised live entertainment two of the bands were actual members of the social media group I run and a third group were a new entertainment group looking to spread their popularity so donated their services free. I had a review of their contribution beforehand which proved successful. A DJ also was hired who was given a song list beforehand, the list categorised by the songs of the 80s my group members wanted to hear most. Lastly, a photo booth was employed, a last minute decision of mine which proved to be the highlight of the night.The success of the night was a proud mo9ment for me as I had never organised anything like this or its type before, A year later it is still being talked about and I am in process of planni9ng another, if only I had known about "Eventbrite "

(Belinda Booker) #748

I suggest you use LinkedIn to find people to approach at international charities. You can contact people based in the UK or US who might be able to help. As for finding volunteers, have you thought approaching college or university students who could use the experience for their C.V.s?

(Belinda Booker) #749

Hey Ellie, welcome! Maybe identify some experiential marketing agencies you’d really like to work for and approach them to see if there are any paid or voluntary roles you could take to grow your experience in that field? Jack Morton, for example, claims to be “always looking for talented people” and provides their HR email address here: