Introduce yourself to the EventTribe community!


(Belinda Booker) #750

Wow sounds great! So what’s your next big event?

(Melissa Saunders) #751

Hi Cheryl, welcome and well done. You sound like a natural!! Love the extra little details you’ve added in which made all the difference. So what have you got I the pipeline for your next event and are there any specific challenges we can assist with?

(Nicolenstia B Duré) #752

thank you for the suggestion can you help do that please when it comes to the university students in haiti they need to be paid to volunteer.

(Caelan Coleflax-Chambers) #753

What you do

I am a Duty Manager for a local pub chain in Sheffield, it is a local family pub in a nice area of Sheffield. We host family events and other events in the community. I also work in the music festival world in the summer.

Where you come from

I’ve also worked in music venues, pubs, nightclubs and such like.

If you mean literally where, I’m Sheffield born and bred.

What you’re working on

I’m doing and MSC in Events Management part time distance learning whilst working. We’re looking at the events we host and offer at the pub and to increase these to involve the community more.

What challenges you have (we can probably help!)

At this stage, I would like to need to network with people, see others’ issues and resolutions to this. Useful connections.

(Melissa Saunders) #754

Hi Caelan, welcome to EventTribe! Sounds like you’ve got quite a workload with the pub and doing an MSC. With regard to community engagement you might find this thread from last year helpful: How do you create a community around your events?

You may also want to say hi to @WRoCAH (Clare Meadley) and @philyyy who both work/have worked in your area.

Best wishes, Melissa

(Joe Atkinson) #755

Hi EventTribe!

Until recently I ran association conference-type events around the UK. I got frustrated by the lack of affordable tools to help manage the content/programme (inviting offers, corralling speakers, scheduling sessions etc), so I hooked up with a developer friend to build one.

My current challenge is that I need conference and festival organisers to try the free preview/beta version and give feedback. It will be available from Easter weekend. More details here, and of course I’d be really happy to answer any questions etc.

All the best,


(Claire Hughes) #756

Hi all,
I’m Claire! Head of Partner Events and VIP Hospitality at LFC.
Joined this community in the hope of learning some new tricks to help spice up our calendar of events with some new innovative event ideas! Looking forward to being part of this community.
All the best,

(Kim Artlip) #757

Hello everyone. I’m the owner/promoter of IGNITE Wrestling which is an independent pro wrestling company in Florida. I’m currently in promotion mode for our upcoming quarterly show and working on building an audience in an area not known for the sport.

(Dee Cartwright) #758

I’m confused as to where I introduce myself and answer those questions to raise above. is it here?

(Joe Atkinson) #759

Hi Dee, yes it’s here :slight_smile:

(Melissa Saunders) #760

Hi Joe, this sounds great - a solution created by someone who’s been there in the thick of it.

I hope our @Conferences @Festivals @Music_Festivals @Festival_non_music members will find a few minutes to check out your link in your post and provide you with some feedback.

Is there any other eventtech you feel is missing for organisers?

(Joe Atkinson) #761


A device that slows time and temporarily clones you would come in handy at events but I think that technology is still a way off! :wink:

On a more serious note I think there are a plenty of eventtech solutions out there, but they seem to be largely all-in-one solutions serving the big budget end of the market.

This is understandable: that’s where the money is, and because the rate of tech adoption in events is quite constrained (annual events cycles, risk aversion), it has been a potentially risky sector to enter for tech firms from a cashflow perspective.

And I think this has resulted in the ‘long tail’ of boutique event agencies, SMEs, independent festivals, non-profits and academia being rather under-served.

However, cloud-based platforms are now slashing delivery costs, so it’s possible for new entrants to deliver software at a more accessible price, and there are consequently quite a few interesting startups in eventtech.

The good news for event planners is that the ‘API economy’ means that they can pick and choose which bits of tech they need, and plug them into each other to achieve their objectives.

I’d love to hear what other folks think, but fear I’m dragging the thread off topic? :grimacing:

(Melissa Saunders) #762

Haha… @JoeA I was just thinking an extra pair of hands or a time machine would probably be among the top answers if we poled this!!!

If you’re happy for me do so I’d like to pick up some of the things you mentioned in the event tech section of this site so we can explore this further.

(Joe Atkinson) #763

@MelissaJane Sure, please do!

(Sachin Bhalla) #764

Hi Joe,

I read further down that this thread will probably be continued somewhere else (so as to stay on topic), but until it does, what’s your view on crowdsourcing solutions for event planners? Specifically for the graphic design aspect: posters/flyers/web ads…do you think event planners should stick to the older model of sticking with one designer, or could they be better served by getting a catalogue of designs to choose from?

(Melissa Saunders) #765

I’ll post it on Monday to kick off the week!

(Melissa Saunders) #766

Hi Dee, you’re in the right place! Welcome! What are you working on at the moment and what’s your biggest challenge?

(Melissa Saunders) #767

Welcome Kim! Thanks for joining us on EventTribe. Establishing an audience in a new area is quite a challenge. How are you tackling that?

(Melissa Saunders) #768

Hi Claire! Welcome to EventTribe. Great to have you join us. What kind of events have you run in the past?

(Michelle Nguyen) #769

Hi everybody! I’m very glad to join and be a part of this community.

My name’s Michelle and I’m currently in Los Angeles. I put together a few corporate events during the year through the company I work for, as well as manage our field marketing team to host sponsorships and smaller on-site demos and product features.

One of the main problems I’ve faced (and am currently trying to figure out) is the rate of dropouts/no-shows at our free hosted events. I’ve read through a lot of the resources and threads already available, but so far have heard the same responses from most people. The average dropout rate is expected and we’ve had some good experience with gradually raising our retention rate by enhancing our event offerings, but we’re currently in a difficult position with our next venue and their guest list policy and are trying to experiment with ways we can decrease that dropout rate to 25-35% instead of the usual 40-50% without charging our guests.

I’m sure I’ll probably have to move this over to another thread eventually, but any and all advice is welcome! Thanks for having me.