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(Belinda Booker) #836

Hi Luke, congrats on the milestone! Sounds like it’s going well. How do you promote your events? Do you get free venue use in return for bringing in the punters?

(Belinda Booker) #837

Sounds like a great initiative. When are you holding your first one?

(Luke Hill) #838

Hi Melissa,

I use Tiered ticket sales to try and create an urgency then we run targeted Facebook ads/Insta as well as retargeting using the pixel. We use our mailing list to but tends to have a poor open/click rate.



(Luke Hill) #839

Hi Belinda,

We have to pay venue hire sadly. We just get full ticket price. The hire includes, security, tech and tech staff however.

We promote using Print posters but mainly Facebook event page and run ads around the clock.



(Nikita Ossei) #840

Thanks Melissa :slight_smile: Well I think I’ll be starting in London and Midlands for now and yeah I’m looking at the Young Adult/Professionals (18 - 25) market in the Networking Events sector.

Right now I think my only challenge is getting my project enough attention, especially from my target audience. :thinking:

(Nikita Ossei) #841

Hi Belinda! And thanks :smile:
Haven’t set the date yet but aiming for September 2018!

(Belinda Booker) #842

Not so bad then. Although it would be great if you could get a minimum spend venue that included that stuff.
Do you have to allocate a significant budget to Facebook ads? How granular is your targeting?

(Kellie Singer) #843

Hey Belinda - we are keen to really focus the trade/tech room and make it a real ‘hands-on’ area for our attendees. Think VR glasses, robotics and lots of touch screen TV’s :slight_smile:

(Belinda Booker) #844

That sounds great. Encouraging people to get hands on really enhances their experience, I think. Keep us posted!

(Kellie Singer) #845

Thanks Belinda, I definitely will!

I’d also love to hear of others ideas or experiences in this space too!

I’m always keen to hear what has worked to really make a trade expo ‘pop’ :slight_smile:

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@Dimakaoud USHEALTH Advisors, Health Insurance Agent
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@Lisa, Student
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(Ruben) #848

Hello Everyone,

My name is Ruben Barreto, and i’m currently the wholesale manager of a new startup company called Amazingforless. We currently manufacture and import goods from China then distribute all over the world. All my life has been spent in Southern California and my company is also located here. I’m working on expanding my network and growing my company to the fullest potential. Some challenges we are having is finding customers or other companies who would be interested in purchasing our products in bulk. We look forward to growing together with other companies willing to work with us.


Ruben Barreto

(Belinda Booker) #849

Welcome Ruben. You can certainly use the forum as a place to learn more about event planners and their purchasing needs. Best of luck with the business!

(Belinda Booker) #850

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(Dave) #851


I’m the manager of a function band in the North West UK that mainly plays at weddings, but also parties, corporate and private. Given our experience of seeing so many past weddings and events we often get asked to advise on various aspects of the event planning itself. We can therefore hopefully both learn from and contribute to discussion in this community.

LeFunk! Wedding Band and Party Band


(Belinda Booker) #852

Hi Dave, good to have you with us. Are you noticing any trends or changes in your work with event/wedding planners?

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@Beatriz_Albano Inauguração da Exposição da Artista Manuela Bento
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(Rebecca Spiller) #855


I’m the Marketing and Events Manger at Hive Learning - a London based start-up.

Currently working on a high volume (30 events) of smaller events (up to 40 people) aimed at new business.

I am planning a conference for november this year - I am doing everything on my own so looking to connect with like-minded and more experienced event planners to learn as much as I can!