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(Belinda Booker) #856

Hi Rebecca, really good to have you with us. Sounds like you’ve got a lot on your plate! Are there any challenges in particular you’re facing right now?

(Belinda Booker) #857

We end the week with a crop of new members, organising all types of events. A warm welcome to you. What are you all up to over the weekend? Come say hello! :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

@CosmicPriestess Shambhallah Healing Center, Ancient Healing Initiator/Alternative Health Practitioner
@PassionDig PassionDig, Marketing
@Rebecca Hive Learning,Marketing & Events Manager

@BWCP Social Project Worker, Advocacy, CEO
@Louise_Stablecroft Stablecroft Conference Products Ltd, Director
@sashul RT, project manager

Experiential/Brand Events
@CONNECT Non Profit, Event Manager

Don’t directly work with events
@groovejoy music publishing, Owner

@Anna_Zakutina CSHP, Event Manager
@03moorek Commercial Events Manager

Online Events
@SteveP Applegate Marketplace, Head of Marketing

Venue booking agency
@Jamieshankland Just Venue, Director

@iliavolok Ilia Volok, Event Manager

@Meichin Wildfire Entertainment, Marketing Manager

Student/Education Events
@permanenpark North American Service Center for Chinese Students LLC, Social Media Manager

@promotrader Owner, Advertising

(Belinda Booker) #858

Happy Monday to our newest members…
Please introduce yourself and tell us what you’re currently working on.

@bernadettejones Jubilee Sailing Trust, Intern
@Cambry WSU Foundation, Event Coordinator
@KirstenK MND Association, Research Programmes and Partnerships Manager

@Maulina_Gino City of Malabon University, Information Technology
@ryan16 Learn to Trade, Senior Events and Marketing Manager

@Lisha Freelancer, Event Manager
@katepreston70 Frome Children’s Festival, Site Manager

@livallport Chameleon Music Marketing Ltd, Digital Marketing Assistant

(Shubhojit Roy) #859


(Belinda Booker) #860

Hi @Shubhojit_Roy What brings you to EventTribe? Are you planning an event at the moment?

(Ross Emerick) #861

Hello to all of you Event Tribers (Is that a thing??)

Complete newbie here so just wanted to say hello to you all. I was sucked into the exhibition industry just over 5 years ago after spending a fair amount of time in the fragrance industry through the medium of helping “things”, rather than people smell nice! Now fully immersed in worldwide exhibitions as a designer and builder - an industry that once you are there, it’s very hard to leave - A good job we all love it I suppose.

Looking forward to making my way through Event Tribe, learning some new tricks and hopefully offering some knowledge of my own!

(Belinda Booker) #862

Welcome Ross. You are now officially an EventTriber! If you’ve worked on any especially innovative stand designs, we’d love to see them on this thread:

P.S. what sort of things did you make smell good? I’m intrigued to know!

(Ross Emerick) #863

Thanks Belinda! I’ll add some bits to the exhibition stands thread later on!

Haha, It was quite varied really. I put fragrance into bath robes and towels, skin care into hosiery, We made shops such as Penhaligans and Selfridges smell beautiful, worked in the far East making Hello Kitty licensed products smell like candy and printed paper smell like pooh! It was that varied! The company I worked for were purchased by Unilever when we developed the Comfort microcapsules, you know the one with the advert where the cartoon family keep rubbing their clothes to smell them :slight_smile: . I am still trying to get fragance onto an exhibition stand though!

(Belinda Booker) #864

Ahh I love the smell in the Massimo Dutti shops! My dog used to smell amazing when I first got her (former owner obviously perfumed her) but now she just smells like… well, dog!

(Ross Emerick) #865

Haha. Funnily enough, we used to create the smell of “wet dog” for a a few print campaigns, I used to go home smelling like I had been spending the day at Battersea Dogs home!

(Belinda Booker) #866


(Belinda Booker) #867

Welcome to this week’s new members! :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:Do say hello…


@Ian_Blanchette Douglastown community center, Event manager
@Ife_Akintade The Fountain Gate Int’l, Gbagada, Lagos, Youth forum

@Andreia_Silva Swonkie, COO
@Faiza_Khalid LOOP, CEO
@Irene Event Manager
@Philip BroadGroup, MD

Corporate Events
@Mia Leading Resolutions, Events Coordinator
@RachelDD Canidé, GM
@Shruti_Kalra VenueMonk, Event Expert

Festivals (Music)
@Vgrahl TTK, Event Manager
@Associazione_Allelam Lucania Film Festival, Director

@Jamie_Wang CatchPlay, QA Lead

@Rossemerick ESM, Sales Director

@Midas_Russ Underground Pros, Head Trainer

@Jules EP Design Ltd, Managing Director of EP Design

Don’t work directly with events
@Roxy_Tang Imperial College, Student
@Shubhojit_Roy Travike Enterprise, Co-founder
@Renusha Satguru Travels & Tour, Business Development Manager

(Genevieve Flight) #868

Glad to be here sharing knowledge with you all. Thanks for the acceptance.

(Matt) #869

Hi may name is Matt and I’m hoping to run a small music festival with a twist in the Midlands. I also run a special effects business for the media industry, film, TV, music videos etc.

(Belinda Booker) #870

Sounds great, Matt. How far have you got with your plans? Are you launching this year?

(Matt) #871

Probably the festival would be in 2020! I think 2019 might be too soon and I want to get it right. I’ve run ‘events’ but not a full blown festival with all the site issues.

I have a site with president so I’m going to let them do those toilet, parking, etc site issues as they have the experience. Yes it will cut down on profit but getting it right is more important than huge profits! I’m an expert in my field and I can project/program manage it as I have PM qualification and experience. I have almost got my outline business plan together. I have a meeting with the site this week which will firm up a few details I need.

The ‘twist’ is all in hand, I have the skills and the team to make this something different and special! … Well I hope haha!

(Belinda Booker) #872

How exciting. Shall look forward to hearing more details. We’ve got quite a few members who organise festivals so if you have any challenges along the way, or want ideas or recommendations etc. do start a thread and I’m sure they’ll be happy to help.

(Belinda Booker) #873

A big welcome to our recently joined members. If you haven’t already, please tell us what you’re working on right now.

@Ama_Gueye Operation Sankofa, Founder
@Luna_Juice_Bar Luna Juice Bar, Owner

@Leonimay Co-operatives U, Events Coordinator

Corporate Events
@Eleen_White Freelance Conference & Marketing Administrator
@RuthG The Events Room, Business Development Manager

@Sharpasaspoon Trinity Pyrotehnics Ltd, MD

@Karo Tagvenue, Marketing Manager
@Eventene Eventene, Head of Marketing
@julienne The INDUSTRIAL Event Space, Event Coordinator/Marketer
@DanColu Daniele Colucciello, Photographer
@Balloonsandmore, Decor Planner
@shadetoorder, Shade to Order, CEO

Student/Education Events
@Eileen_Chan School of Sciences, Event Planner

@rajeshkumarblog AURA, Event Manager

(Stephen Travers) #874


I am the Deputy Head of the Havening Organistion for Europe and the UK. Havening Techniques are a groundbreaking neuro scientific based approach for anxiety based disorders such as panic attacks, post-traumatic stress, fears, phobias, stress etc and for quickly building emotional resiliency.

We run Havening Techniques Training around the world so people can learn how to apply these rapid and effective techniques to improve their health, well being and to keep their stress levels low. Please see for more information.

(Yasmeen A) #875

Hi all. I am the program coordinator for a childrens’ program in Virginia. I am currently planning a few free or low cost events. I am struggling with:

  1. finding a registration site that will allow me to limit the # of attendees
    And maybe
    ask registrants questions
    create waitlist
    accept payment automatically

  2. finding ways to ensure registrants actually show up