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(Subhan Sharif) #916

My name is Subhan Sharif I am founder of Canvas Soft Skills.

I practice pro-activeness and innovation to my personal and professional life. A lifelong learner, I have completed my graduation from University of Karachi, also achieved training from Manchester College Of Professional Studies in Information Technology Manchester UK , Central School of Professional Studies in Business Administration, London UK and Pakistan Institute Of Tourism And Hotel Management, Karachi, PK. I also hold the proud honor of achieving a scholarship from University of Oxford.

Journey from IBA to OXFORD was a nice learning experience for me as I explain among many of my certifications. I name a few like Personal Coaching from The Coaching Academy at Manchester, UK and PRINCE 2 from Maven Trainings Certification at Leeds, UK and Strategic Marketing & Marketing Management from Institute Of Business Administration.

I have served in many national and multinational companies like Specialist Shipping Services, United Nations , ASDA Stores, Walmart UK , OCEAN DUSK UK etc. Diversity of my education and international exposure to different universities including University of Oxford has prepared me for the realities of the business world by providing a blend of academic and practical experiences. This combination of academic success and involvement is indicative of my high levels of motivation and achievements. I speak from bottom of my heart and touche the soul.
Different companies in corporate sector engage me to train their employees and Educational institutes including universities invite him to speak to their audience.

As a trainer in corporate world, I use practical examples to share my expertise and international exposure to make the participants learn the views from my professional approach. I also guarantees for the participants to be a changed person after attending my workshops. I myself have the proud honor of listening to many international motivational speakers in person.

So far more than 400 organizations and above 40 universities have engaged me to deliver talks and workshops. some of companies are mentioned here

Any one get in touch with me on as

Would like to learn more from experienced speakers

(Belinda Booker) #917

Wow impressive CV Subhan! Great to have someone with your experience on board.

(Subhan Sharif) #918

Thank you so much

You are welcome Belinda . I am here to learn from others

(Elina) #919

Hi Nick Lawson.I am elina.

(robart dsuza) #920

Hi nick Lawson.I am Robart D.suzza.Nice to meet you…

(Hang Zhang) #921

Hi everyone,

I am Hang Zhang, a graduate student in NEU. This is my first time to Boston and my spoken English is very poor, my classmates are all from my country so I don’t know where can I practice my speaking skills. I am at a loss at this problem. Do you know how to handle this?



(Belinda Booker) #922

Hi Hang, how about organising some social events at your university? Maybe there are English speakers who are learning your native language and want a chance to practise. You could organise some coffee and conversation sessions?

(Hang Zhang) #923

Thank you Belinda!That may be a great idea.

(Belinda Booker) #924

A warm welcome to all our newest members. Please introduce yourself and let us know about your current event projects on this thread…

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(Aniela Camilla Szymanski) #925


I just started an Event Mgmgt Course in London.

Im from Austria and I have been organizing dinner parties, cocktails before Viennese balls, … for up to 200 people.
I worked in a small event agency in Austria, where I was part of a team organizing several events (incentives, pr, headquarter events).

This will be my world I am 100% sure, I am just not sure what kind of events I want to do.

(Richard) #927

hello everyone,

Richard here. I work for a event equipment supply company in London. We ususally supply trade shows and exhibitions. I’m here mainly to get ideas of what our clientele need and keep up to date with the latest tech needs for events

(Ste) #928

Hi there,
I’d just like to introduce myself and give a bit of background about our business.
I work for a company called Tesal and we work in event logistics.
We have over 20 years of experience and have worked in all kinds of big events such as Winter Wonderland and have at large venues such as Wembley.
If you’d like to find out more about us, feel free to head over to our website.
Have a great day.

(Belinda Booker) #929

Hi Aniela, how are you liking your course? Is it quite practical? Are you working on any events at the moment?

(Belinda Booker) #930

Hi Ste, great to have you on board. Winter Wonderland must be a huge project to work on? What elements do you get involved with? I hear they’re doing a big The Snowman experience this year?

(Aniela Camilla Szymanski) #931

Hi Belinda,
Yes I like it although I have to admit it could be more organised.
Unfortunately it is not practical at all although I very much wished for it to be.
Not at the moment I am looking for a job and events to work on, do you have any ideas/suggestions/…? We will organise the university’s Christmas party but apart from that nothing practical which is quite upsetting.

(Belinda Booker) #932

I would say join the Students’ Union and get involved in organising events for them. Also, you can organise events for charity, like these inspiring students from Manchester University:

(Belinda Booker) #933

More new members! Welcome to all. Please do stop by and introduce yourselves…

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(Benjamin Smith) #934

Hi everyone!

Currently in the early planning stages for a large outdoor event in Southampton for 2019. I’m involved with ticketing, e-mail campaigns and partnerships - so some of the first hand experience on here is great to read.

(Belinda Booker) #935

That sounds exciting, Benjamin. Do feel free to start a thread if you have any specific questions you’d like help with.

(Nicola Quilter) #936

Hi everyone,

I’ve been organising events for around 20 years (not sure how that’s happened as I’m only 29 ;-). The majority of my career has been in the Higher Education field - working on large scale University events such as graduation ceremonies, conferences, open days, corporate events, philanthropy events and such like. Earlier this year I moved into the charity sector. Hope to link up with others also working for charities to brainstorm event ideas. Also doing a lot of venue sourcing at the moment (across the country) so keeping a keen eye on venue threads.