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(Nicola Quilter) #936

Hi everyone,

I’ve been organising events for around 20 years (not sure how that’s happened as I’m only 29 ;-). The majority of my career has been in the Higher Education field - working on large scale University events such as graduation ceremonies, conferences, open days, corporate events, philanthropy events and such like. Earlier this year I moved into the charity sector. Hope to link up with others also working for charities to brainstorm event ideas. Also doing a lot of venue sourcing at the moment (across the country) so keeping a keen eye on venue threads.

(Alistair McMillan) #937

Hello everyone!

I have taken over the sales & events at Hedingham Castle in Essex. The venue is predominantly a wedding venue but we also hold a variety of events throughout the year such as medieval recreations, jousting, vintage days and classic car days

I am looking to expand the event offering and looking for new and interesting stalls, entertainment etc that would suit the venue.

Please visit the website at if you would like more info on the venue!

(Belinda Booker) #938

Hi Nicola, great to have you on board! We have a lot of members in the charity sector - maybe start a thread to start crowdsourcing some event ideas?

(Belinda Booker) #939

Hi Alistair, what a beautiful venue! Are you doing any Christmas parties?

(Alistair McMillan) #940


I was planning on Xmas Parties but havent managed to get them off the ground this year. I’ve not been here long. I’m going to have another run at it for next year.

(Belinda Booker) #941

It certainly looks like the perfect spot for a festive gathering!

(Belinda Booker) #942

We have a beautiful bunch of new members this week. Welcome to you all. Do stop by and say hello and please use your experience to chip in and help out on any threads where you can. :relaxed:

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