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(Belinda Booker) #958

A warm welcome to this week’s new members. Please introduce yourself and tell us about your next event (or whatever else you’re working on). We can’t wait to hear from you! :lips:

@redjosh CMF
@CHU_MIE Freelancer event manager
@Data_Light DataLight, CEO
@Riddhi Group Futurista, Event Manager
@paul3 Consultant
@tarynwatt Pillow Talk, PR/Events
@AimeeWoodley Penguins, Business Development Manager
@EllyL Warwick Events, Event Manager
@wiradikusuma ProBotDev, Co-Founder
@oconnor_m2000 Seal, MD
@Jean-Guillaume Entrepreneur
@schoi MD Properties, Communications Manager
@Ryan_Farquharson ExpoCart, Co-founder and Joint CEO
@ropop Events Chesterfield College, Event and Logistics Officer

(Elly Lee) #959

Hi all! I’m an Event Manager with an events company/ DMC specialising in special, personal and creative events in the Warwickshire area. I’m so, so lucky to work somewhere that I can be 100% myself at all times.

Our events may be for corporate clients, cgaritbavle organisations or individuals who want to create a memorable experience for others. We don’t do boring, that’s for sure, even when planning a conference. I never want to catch someone yawning at one of my events.

(Belinda Booker) #960

Hi Elly, great to meet you! What are you working on right now? Can you add anything to this thread with your knowledge of Warwickshire?

(Taryn) #961

Hi! I am the PR/Events Coordinator for Pillow Talk, one of Australia’s largest homewares businesses. We have 58 stores across the East Coast of Australia and I specialise in in-store events, whether they be closed-door VIP nights, store openings or product-specific promotions. All my events are designed to give our customers a really wonderful experience with our brand.

I personally have a passion for homewares and love travelling around to our stores to meet our customers and surprising and delighting them!

(Belinda Booker) #962

Hi Taryn, sounds like you have a great role. Really pleased to have someone with experience of in-store events on board :hugs: What sorts of events attract the most customers and how do you promote the events?

(Taryn) #963

We’ve had some great success with in-store styling events recently where we engage an influencer or magazine stylist to do a demonstration. We always put on some food and champagne which makes for a lovely vibe! We’ve done these as both closed-door or open events and both formats have been very successful. We primarily email out our invitation to our email database and secondary to that will ask the influencer/stylist to promote the event as well as utilizing our social channels or engaging the shopping centre to promote the event as well.

(Fahmi Aditia) #964

I new member on here

(Belinda Booker) #965

You make a really good point there about getting the other event stakeholders on board to promote the event. This can really amplify reach. One more question, how successful do you find these events in actually driving more sales?

(Belinda Booker) #966

Welcome Fahmi! What type of events do you organise?

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I’m delighted to welcome this week’s new members. Don’t be shy, come and say hello! :wave:

@shamim Jalalabad, Office Secretary
@Ricardo_Brandao Freelancer
@Vintij Vintij, Artist
@doddols Home, Manager
@lutfiharahap Quad Event Jakarta, Assistant Convention
@SmartLady MonsterMarketing, CEO
@EvolveEvents Evolve Events, Marketing Manager
@ngutierrez129 Bilzin Sumberg, Events Manager Stenden NHL University, Student
@astamps Meeting Mojo, Director
@AAF All About Families, Event Manager
@Geanine GPA Event planning, Event Planner
@Cornerstone Cornerstone Technologies, Business Development
@NewGenbanking NewGen Dev ops, Founder
@LaurenceM yellobox, Founder and CEO
@Mas-Stay22 Stay22, Marketing Director

(Taryn) #968

We usually have fantastic sales on the night! Usually whatever the host is talking about sells really well so we find that we can certainly cover our costs + more and then of course there are all the other non-monetary benefits as well!